Ever since I have been blogging I have always maintained this another blog but I never talked about it until today.

I was always a very political person and a very opinionated one. But I didn’t take up blogging to express my political opinions. It may come as a surprise but I took to blogging to share my personal life with someone, even it that was a faceless crowd. I came to a certain point in my life where I was very lonely. My college days were over, all of us friends from school and college have moved on different path, some got married, rest got busy and I found myself all alone. I had a lot to say but no one to listen.

Blogging happened. And it changed my life. Literally. ‘This is my truth’ (TIMT) became a place where I spoke without bounds, like I have never spoken before. The most unique feature of TIMT is the candidness. I wrote about my heart, life, love, pain, anguish, angst, sex, romance…everything about all my dreams desires hopes expectations all the touch, all the kiss and the still so long road.

But 3 years down I have now begin to fall short of writing about my life. I mean I still have a lot of things to write about but they are not in line with the original flavour of this blog, they are more of political views. So my other blog becomes more active now.

Re-introducing ‘This is my Mind’ a blog which is written by the man in me. A place where there is no room for foolish emotions. I described the blog thus, “A place where I rant about everything that annoys me about the society…am a sucker of Secularism, Feminsim, Atheism, Liberalism and Gender deconstruction.”

Henceforth I would write more frequently on TIMM, here’s to hoping it manages to get the huge traffic this present one gets.

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