Cranky old man who doesn’t look so old yet yells, “where is my lungi (traditional Indian men’s wrap around), just where is it?” 

Equally cranky but not so old woman yells back, “I have put it for Laundry.” Old man confused, asks, “What do you mean ‘put it for laundry’, it has either been washed or not washed.” Old man’s logic, “If its washed it should be on the strings drying, if not washed I can still wear it, if only I can find it, where is it?”

Old woman grumbled, “I washed it but didn’t dry it. So find yourself something else to wear.”

I am trying to ignore the above two people and write this blog post. I came home, Delhi on the 23rd of last month. Came on a vacation, a long deserved one. The plan was to relax for a week eat a lot of home food from mom’s Kitchen. As luck would have it, the ‘week’ got extended till this date and food is reduced to air and water, almost.

A toothache, in the wisdom one, had been there for about 6 months now. The other day, I was on a date with this guy I have a huge crush on, he is very kind and sweet, we were at “It’s Greek to me“. After finishing the drinks I had just taken the first bite at my grand dinner and the wisdom tooth revolted like no one ever did before. I realized it’s freedom is inevitable.

I don’t like public display of pain. I try not to express it in public that I have got a headache or stomach ache. I don’t go ‘ooh aah‘ with any kind of pain. Well that’s only as long as it doesn’t feel like I am going to die of it. So I tried not to tell him anything about the pain attack but he figured it out anyway. I had earlier told him about the tooth condition so the moment he looked my face going pale with pain, he guessed, “What happened? Is it your tooth?”

I had never felt that kind of pain before. Not even when I was hit by a bat on my nose. That’s a different story, some other day.

This pain was like an electric shock that sparked from the tooth and spread all across the right side of my head, traveling through the ear making me feel like it would fall of my shoulder. I tried to stay calm or perhaps I wasn’t even in a position to talk. I kept my head down, with a hand on the right side of the chin and ear and just stayed like that for a while.

He put an arm on my shoulder and said, “Are you ok?”

This was supposed to be one of the most wonderful date ever. He is one of the sexiest hunks I have come across who was not mean to me. He knows, from the first time I ever spoke to him that I am totally smitten by him, and even though he didn’t exactly reciprocate the feelings, he is always being sweet to me. This was his dinner for me because I played a good host to him when he was in Bangalore.

Alas! It turned out to be such an embarrassing date. I stayed like that for another 7 to 10 minutes where I couldn’t think, hear or speak. He didn’t know what to do, but asked the waiter to bring some water. Then all of a sudden I started fumbling through my purse and he got even more confused, “what is she doing”, he might have thought.

I was looking for the pain killers. I popped two of them back to back, meanwhile I could faintly hear him saying a lot of things. “I don’t think you can have it anymore. Even I don’t feel like eating, not hungry anymore. You get it all packed and take home. But then you won’t be able to have it at home either. Ok may be I would carry them home and then carry them to lunch tomorrow at work. People at work are hungry bunch anyways.”

He has got an awesome sense of humor.

I heard him and then said, “I want to go home. Can I go home?” He said, “Sure let me call for the cheque.” As we waited for the bill I managed to speak only as much as is required to be able to apologize a 1000 times for ruining the evening, the dinner and the date. “I so wanted to spend more time with you, I am gonna get rid of this tooth tomorrow. Tomorrow it is. The surgical tooth extraction is tomorrow. And I’ll catch you after that, if you’d have time. Thanks so much for the dinner.”

He paid, got the Greek dishes packed for himself, we gave each other a nice warm hug and parted. “You take care and let me know how it goes,” he said. I touched the outer ring road in no time, traffic was minimum, I rolled up the window and cried out loud.

I should have known I am not doing fine, not as fine at least as to go out on a date, when I was about to undergo a surgery, albeit minor, the day after.

To be continued…