It was some kind of event, but I don’t exactly remember what. I was with a group of people and we had all gone for an adventurous hiking through some exotic locales. There were wild animals, pretty flowers, nice people.

I knew I was going to meet him on this journey. I just knew it. And I was right, there he was, just as I had imagined him.

Not too tall, must be around 5’6, wheatish complexion, medium built, he had a rough and ready stubble, lightly gelled black hair fell carelessly on his thin forehead. His face was chiseled longish with a sharp nose and when he smiled his otherwise firm facial skin crinkled and made lines around his chin and thin pair of lips. Amongst visible body art, he had three piercings on the right ear lobe, one adorned a diamond stud and the upper two had small gold rings. Left ear lobe just had the diamond stud. A pair of brown eyes which reflected depth, calm and confidence was in contrast with his carefree look which made him all the more mystic. He was wearing a jeans and a V neck cotton kurta. I even remember the color, faded orange.

All we had to do is smile at each other and we were in love. I can’t explain how it felt. Everything was so different. I was different, not like the way I am – strong boyish and all. There, with him I was sweet and feminine, I was lean and pretty, so lean I could just hide myself in his warm embrace. We started spending all our times in each others arms, we would talk and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, then he’ll say something sweet and romantic and I will shy away hiding my face in his chest. It was a world not known to me, I have never known anything more beautiful and peaceful than what I felt when he hugged me.

Then, one day, when I was in his embrace with my head on his chest, his hands caressing my hair, I asked him, “Do you believe in Lucid dreams?”

It was a weird question but I knew exactly, what was I saying.

He said, “I don’t know, may be not.” He he held me closer.

I hugged him too and said, “do you know you are not real, you are a dream.”

“What?” He exclaimed.

“Yes, I was working, mom was reading the newspaper, then I fell asleep near the laptop and started dreaming.”

I opened my eyes.


15 thoughts on “It happened on one summer afternoon

  1. Did you see Tom Cruise again? That too in an Orange Kurta, and that too a faded one? Yaar Sapne mein to kuch achhe kapde pinha apne boyfriend ko, better still he could have been naked, after all you guys were in the exotic wild. Just imagine, you trekking with this good looking man who is naked, I mean just imagine, and there I am also following you, calling out your name, Sanju, Sanju, I love you na…and woosh!!! you go missing and appear with a naked man, your highlighted head buried in his chest. At 1st I woould think, whats wrong with her head? Is she trying to suffocate herself by sticking her head in a naked man’s chest or is she sucking his nipples, all confused I will make a frantic call to Kreeti. Vinayak will also be there taking pictures of the 2 of you. Well what more can he do, he will be in a state of shock. Then, Kreeti and I will rescue you from that goodluking naked man only to realise that it was your idea to be with that man in a jungle. Uff!!!


  2. you fell asleep while you were working, very funny, who are you kidding girl. You were not at all working on LA, you must have been working on “yourself” you know what I mean ;-P


  3. A romantic lucid dream is being turned into a surrealistic semi-porn movie. Only Snig could come up with that.

    Let her trek in peace with her naked multi ear pierced boyfriend….why do you drag yourself , me and Kreeti into this.

    If friends like this start invading her dreams she will soon go into therapy :-P


  4. You guys are so mean… Anyway good part is it’s a Lucid dream which means I am in total control of the dream so I know when and how to kick such stupid interruptions out of the romantic dream :D


  5. R&R stuble, whatever that means

    Hair on which part of the body, please tell..

    Lady your constant bak bak landed you in a gum you realise that…how much erosion your teeth had gome through coz of you constnat talking…and so much air going inside your mouth..


  6. You got my review errr comments on Gtalk, but giving it here for records. Great post and unexpected climax.
    Although Snigdha made you into a bollywood porn star but I think the intimacy and physical details of the guy was really good.
    @Snigdha: R&R stubble would be nice on the face only. Imagine them being at some other place OMG!


  7. there is something un-said in this story, someone only can feel it, there is something that is out of its explanations. No-one can reach there where you were, when this comes to you.


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