After writing this blog for 3 years, having dedicated myself to it like a mother to her child, I have been told that my blog is an orphan. Out there under the technorati skies, amidst the busy blog traffic, moves about my blog my baby barefoot with no one to feed her or provide her with shelter. Not any more though, here I am claiming this blog as MY blog.

It so happened that I saw traffic coming to my blog from Technorati. Got curious, track backed the links and landed up in the search factory of Technorati. What I found out was this – when people of the web world place an order with Technorati to search for a certain something, Technorati workers dig my blogs along with million others to find out that thing and complete the search order. People then follow the links given in their search results and land up on my blog.

Good thing. But when I click on my blog link within the technorati lands, they say “this blog doesn’t have an owner.” Not a good thing, in fact a sad thing. I mean, no owner? What, like an unattended object which could be a bomb? So I muttered, “of course it has an owner, me.” And they were like, “who are you again, did you even log in?”

So I created an account and logged in. Now they know me, as yet another random internet user creating yet another soon to be forgotten log in ID and password, but they still don’t know I am the owner of the prestigious blog they have in their inventory, blog to which they have been sending traffic for so long. So I gotta establish my ownership now.

They said there are two ways to claim your blog as yours (1) Give us the link to your blog and password. Why on earth would I do that? Give away my blog URL and password, what do they take me for? Ya ok, they said it is for fair internal use only and blah, but do I look that stupid? So I said, “so you got another card or should I leave?” (2) Yes we do, you could create a post on your blog containing this html code. This would help our spiders to find you, establish your ownership on this blog and give your blog more visibility.

That, my friend is the reason why you were made to go through this crappy post. By the way, obtaining the html code made me feel like I am being handed over one of those self destructing CDs meant for Agent Ethan Hunt. Although not self destructing, they informed me I can destroy this crappy post once their spiders have found me. Phew what a mission.

Hail ho my lords at the courts in technorati lands, by the power of this HTML code (Technorati Profile) I hereby claim “This is my truth” as my lawfully produced owned and authored blog. Wonder if the spidey can see me yet…