Who wants to write a depressing political post after having taken a trip to the mushy world of poetry. Nobody. Then don’t see the news channels.  But I did. So here you have another post from me after the poem I published a while ago.


So I am on CNN IBN. A triumphant Rajdeep Sardesai yells something to the effect – the truth is out there, people of India to decide. Like what would they decide exactly? Rajdeep was followed by 3 people on the screen all looking very confident with an ‘I bloody knew it’ look on their face. One Harish Salve shouted, “If people of India would lose their faith in the leaders in Parliament…” I thought Mr. Salve is very naive, I mean when did people of India ever have faith in their leaders. And then I was reminded of this line from the movie Khosla Ka Ghosla. This really weak and old Anupam Kher approaches a mighty 6 ft tall local goon and says, “Dekhiye bhaisaab, hamaari aapse koi dushmani nahi hai”. (Look mister, we don’t have anything against you) In the most sarcastic and threatning way possible the goon replied, “arre mama, dushmani leke meri poonch phaand lega?” (yeah like what would you do if you did have something against me?) [See the scene here]


People of India can lose all the faith they want, they can do jackshit about it.  


Rajdeep quite looked like the new superhero of our nation armed with his super power the sting operations. The future of the nation is in such trusted hands. I saw the tapes released by CNN IBN as part of their sting operation on the MPs. It all looks very funny to me and truth is the last thing that I can find in those video tapes. I mean you can hardly hear what is being spoken there, you don’t know why it is so easy for these journalist to just about put hidden cameras in any room they happen to be, where do they get these James Bond gadgets anyway. How come they get so much time and private space to do all the ground work necessary for their operation. Where did the people of the house go when they were putting the cameras? 


No matter how good your ends are, sting operations are just NOT the ethical means. If these guys are so good at criminal investigation and seeker of the truth, they should rather be in the police force or CBI and not be journalists. And if all the cases could be solved by sting operations, why don’t the CBI take crash courses from the journalist on how to arrange for your own sting operation.


I am also not sure how much evidential value do these tapes have under the Indian Evidence Act. These certainly cannot be considered as direct evidence unless supported by other facts. How would we ever know what we see on camera is the truth and that there is no collusion between people seen on the tapes.


Why so much drama then?


Anyway moving on to other news, Kashmir still burning. Truck load of people protesting. I didn’t follow the news so well so I forgot what are they protesting for, and I can bet my fortune, half of the protestors there don’t remember what are they protesting for either. All I can see there is a whole lot of blood shed and other shit in the name of God and religion. Just the other day a whole lot of people died in a stampede in a certain temple. How patheticly stupid are they who would still fight for God. If it was my world, I would have sued the Amarnath shrine for being responsible of so many death and for disturbing the peace of the nation. And then I would have labelled all religious pilgrimage as just another leisure travel thereby lifting all State sponsored privilages attached to them.


Abhinav Bindra won India’s first ever (can you imagine ‘first ever’ I mean what a shame) Gold Medal in the Olympics. The guy on TV is putting emphasis on every second syllable in each word and saying, “Every Indian across the planet has their head held high in pride today because of Abhinav Bindra.” I honestly thought half of the Indian don’t even know who Bindra is. And those who’ll see the news, they’ll forget about him soon they have changed the channels.


I also thought Bindra must be a very happy man now with all those money flowing in (wonder what does that do any good to the national growth), but he looked very bitter. Well more arrogant than bitter, while arrogance is his personal problem, wonder why was he bitter? May be because he knows so well that no matter what he and other sportsperson achieve in the field of not so popular sports, the focus would never be shifted from Cricket.


I was finally relieved of the pain of watching news by flipping channel.