On the eve of the Independence Day I want to extend this special thanks to a Bangalore Auto driver. I took this auto this morning to reach to work. On the back of his seat he had 3 photos pasted. The first pic was of Shiva Parvati and Ganesh, second one was an image of the Mecca and the third one was of Jesus Christ. I asked him if it was him who has pasted those pics, he gave a wide smile and said “Yes Madam, all same no madam.”

Dear Putta Muniyappa,

Holder of three wheeler driving license number 2628/06, Bangalore, I want to thank you for restoring my faith in the peaceful soul that a common man of this nation carries. This independence day I salute that common heart which is not biased, which respects all religion equally and above all the one which hasn’t learnt to hate.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of the seat so I thought of doing a bit of my own creativity. The picture says it all. Wishing you all Happy Independence day, Vande Maataram.

secularism pic2
(Click for larger size image, to be able to read the preamble text)

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