I was reading this news where in London a certain Bishop is angry that a certain priest under his jurisdiction has performed same sex marriage. I couldn’t understand the piece properly. It was full of Christian religious jargon so I am not sure what exactly has happened. The Bishop is angry at 2 priest, now I am not sure if these two priest performed 2 same sex marriages or did they get married to each other.

What caught my attention were a few strange lines from the piece, and I quote them here –

The Right Reverend Richard Chartres said that Reverend Martin Dudley may have broken church guidelines barring the blessing of civil partnerships when he officiated at just such a service for two priests at St Bartholomew the Great in London last month.

“The real issue is whether you wilfully defied the discipline of the Church and broke your oath of canonical obedience to your Bishop,” he said.

“St Bartholomew’s is not a personal fiefdom.

“You serve there as an ordained minister of the Church of England, under the authority of the Canons and as someone who enjoys my licence.”

And the most mindblowing of them is this line –

“technically gay clergy may only “marry” if they provide reassurance that they will abstain from sex.”

WTF, no fuck? I mean this is unbelievable and these people think they live in a free land? I have never heard anything more strange than this, “Gay clergy may marry but not have sex” Being a Hindu by birth and athiest by conviction (stole that line from someone) I find such words real strange, ‘discipline of the Church’,’canonical obedience’,’authority of the canons’. Although I don’t really know what exactly they mean but I can figure out this much that these people have never imported the concept fo liberty from the planet Mars.