Writing this with an attempt to report a case of human rights violation and bring some media and administrative attention.

Once again a group of harmless poor people trying to make ends meet in the big bad city by washing people’s cars, pulling cycle rickshaws, working as maid servants etc. have been verbally abused, threatened, beaten up uprooted and forced to run away to save their lives by the local goons of Vishwas Sarak, Raja Puri, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Their crime? They speak Bengali and have suggestive names like Zakir, Fasal, Jalal, Hajra – yes they are all Bengali Muslim Indians.

It all happened during the last couple of weeks. I heard about these incidents from Hajra our maid servant of 3 years on phone. It clearly is another case of xenophobia / political terrorism (no prizes for guessing the name of the party).

The local goons, who Hajra knows to be working in the cable TV office, been propagating amongst the local Hindi / Haryanvi speaking public that the Bangladeshi (sic) Muslims are all hooligans, they are thieves and thugs and that the area must get rid of them.

Young Bengali Muslim guys like, Zakir, Faisal and Jalal all living in the area of Vishwas Sarak, Raja Puri, Dwarka have been picked up by the local goons, taken to the cable TV office beaten up and threatened to be killed unless they leave the place and never show their face again.

They have also been targeted on flimsy grounds as how could they dare to make enough savings to buy a motor bike or a cell phone. Hajra and her sister were given threatening calls on their cell phone for having made friends with boys and being too fashionable or talking all day with boys on cell phones.

As on date every single Bengali Muslim resident of Vishawas Sarak Raja Puri has run away. Some has gone and taken shelter in Makhsud pur (a slum cluster near the Domestic Airport, Delhi) only to stay there till the time they can buy a train ticket back to their village. Hajra has deported her sister and son back to the village in West Bengal and herself has taken shelter in our home.

The truth of the matter, based on what I hear from Hajra, is that they are NOT illegal migrants. They are all Indians coming from the Cooch Behar district of State of West Bengal. Hajra in particular was born in the village of Chhoto Gharoljhora, GP Nazirhat – I of Block Dinhata – II, Cooch Behar District, State of West Bengal. Back in the village she has her own ration card and a voter’s I card too.

Yet for the only reason that she was born with a wrong religion, this 15th of August when the nation was celebrating the so called Independence Day, Hajra’s life of a dignified independent single mother which she lived on her own terms was crashing. Her sister advised her to sell off all her household items, pack the bare minimum and run. That TV she bought so fondly so that her son don’t go roaming about in the neighborhood was gone, her stove, he utensils, bedding everything was gone. Within a span of 7-10 days her whole world was shattered.

And this nation is supposed to be the land of tolerance.

Though sitting here in Bangalore I am not able to get the exact information as to what all has happened, but I can certainly say these people’s right to move anywhere within the country and pursue any occupation has been infringed. And that hers is not the only unfortunate group that has faced this. I asked her if they called police, she said, “yes but police enter from one end of the street and exit from the other end with money in their hands.”

I also am not too sure in what all ways I can help Hajra. May be she can come to Bangalore and find a job here till the time another local goon chases her away calling her an ‘outsider’.

I am sending this information to some of my journalist friends. Any other help / information would be appreciated.

First reported on Mutiny.IN


Additional information furnished by BR via comment thread on Mutiny.IN

The main leader of the bunch of goons is a man called Pawan Lathi. He has his office at the cable TV office in Vishwas Park, Raja Puri, Dwarka, Delhi. He asked these people to work under him. As in, he will collect the monthly salary on their behalf and distribute to them. They didn’t agree. So he decided to throw them out. This incident has got nothing to do with “Muslims” and nor does it have anything to do with “Bangladeshi Immigrants”. I and all others who know about this incident are too coward to report it to the police. If any one of you are passionate enough about making India a better county and that is why you run/read this website I hope you will do something serious about it. Feel free to get in touch with me. Comment back. I will provide all necessary information from Hajra so that this case is acted upon by the police