This is effective advertising. Tata Sky launched its new tv commercial featuring Aamir Khan in a Punjabi speaking ardhanarishawar (half man half woman) avataar. 

You have a bollywoodish first night scene where the bride and groom (Aamir khan half dressed as man half as woman) are arguing over which TV connection should they get. Bride says, “I am leaving you if you don’t get me satellite tv connection from Sky, Sky has world’s best technology.”  The groom said, “No this is India, Tata is India’s topmost reliable company so we’ll have connection from TATA.” After a bit of argument it is revealed TATA and SKY is already married and therefor promises to give us the best of both world. [See on Youtube

The commercial aims at explaining the strength of the brand ‘TATA Sky’. ‘Tata Sky’ is a 80:20 joint venture between Tata Sons and BSkyB, a Rupert Murdoch company. With this joint venture TATA Sky offers you world class technology of UK based company Sky and long standing trust and integrity of the Tata group. 

I am surprised they didn’t think of explaining the origin of this brand earlier. For one, I didn’t know about this joint venture and simply thought the word ‘sky’ is to denote satellite TV. I also thought their earlier ad campaign with the punchline “isko laga dala to life jingalala” was pretty lame in comparison to Dish TVs “thoda aur wish karo, dish karo”. 

But this present ad instantly makes you believe in the brand. The message is delivered in a style which is simple and honest. I don’t understand much about branding but I think it always helps to connect if you explain where the brand is coming from. A new product in the market, no matter how flashy the name is or how extravagant the ad campaign is I wouldn’t be convinced who are the people behind the brand. In that sense this present ad gets a thumbs up on all counts. 

You have the Aamir Khan who is not just perfection personified but who also stands for trust and integrity. Speaking of Aamir as their brand ambassador, Mr. Vikram Kaushik, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Sky Ltd. said, “Aamir makes a perfect fit with the Tata Sky brand values of trust, high-quality entertainment and innovation”

Aamir looks funny and perfect in his make up as a woman.  The domestic scene is also very believable. It doesn’t has unnecessary frills, no loud jingles. Just the message. 

The ad is produced by Aamir Khan Productions and Conceptualised and created by advertising agency Rediffusion DY&R. 

A comparison with Dish TV ad campaigns is inevitable since the two Bollywood giants are on either side. Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador for Dish TV. After the series of Coke and Pepsi ads here’s hoping this is going to be yet another interesting rivalry where each team churns out more and more creative ideas. While the audience enjoys the best of all world :)

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5 thoughts on “Tata Sky’s new commercial featuring Aamir Khan

  1. Effective? Yes. But definitely the worst of all Aamir Khan ads. If it was any other ad, fine. But given what one has come to expect of Amir Khan, something seems to be missing somewhere.

    The one positive thing about this act is that it finally uses Sky’s brandname. For some reason, Tata never thought it prudent to make this fact known. I am sure most of the people, including me, were pleasantly surprised.

    I guess, Reliance’s entry into the market finally woke them up. That’s why they say monopoly is never good.


  2. Not too sure of the effective part, probably it would be for the masses.
    I would have to agree on bookcrazy that it is one of the worst Aamir Khan ad. It is nowhere near the regular Aamir Khan standards.


  3. @sanjay and bookcrazy

    Guys agreed. But c’mon it’s just an ad. We pinnig too much of expectations on Aamir…let’s be easy on him shall we?

    I mean when I am being easy on you guys :P otherwise given that you have come to my blog and criticized Aamir…I mean you do know what he means to me right?


  4. This was one fine ad. Entertaining I would say.
    Amir khan’s samsung ad was a crazy one, why is he running after the dialogue. May be the idea is to keep us wondering. :D


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