That was a PG rating for mom and dad coz they both are quite a fan of my blog.

These weird thoughts just came to mind, dunno from where – what is this obsession men have with BBWs? Ok wikipedia would inform you BBW = Big Beautiful Women, but c’mon we all know what it actually is ‘big breasted women.’ So why do men have this obsession for big boobs. No that’s a serious question.

Somebody explain this to me. Isn’t it true that a fat women would by default have a considerably big size (for lack of more decent words). Does that mean this popular interest men have for big bs (what? What did I say?) is in effect an interest in fat girls?

But last I checked fat = ugly. One thing men say, and I know it as a matter of fact, is this, “Oh! I don’t like skinny women but they should have a decent figure, should not look unhealthy.”

Now question is what are the chances of a girl with decent figure having big bs? Will she have it naturally or would she have to get some silicon. Also when you get those siliocon does it function normally? As in can you breast feed a child?

Talking about this fetish look what I found, Boobpedia. Surprises me so much to see what all things are the people of this world engage in. I mean boobpedia of all things. And if you visit one of the orkut communities man is it enlightenment or is it enlightenment. From Incest to pedophiles ask what is not there. People narrating stories of how they got fucked by their parents or raped their sisters. I wonder is it all for real? Do people really have such bizarre fetishes?

Though I have a quite a liberal view on incestuous relationships. Sometime back we saw this play by Marathi play writer Vijay Tendulkar, ‘Silence! Court is in session.’ After the show I was discussing the play with my  friend. While talking about the protagonist he said, “well it’s not her fault. After all at 15 she didn’t know that it was wrong for her to fall in love with her maternal uncle. She didn’t even know what is an incestuous relationship.”

That’s one way to look at it and invoke sympathy for the protagonist. The other way to look at is to question who said incestuous relationship is bad. That is also is set by one of us no? It is society who set the rule. To this my friend said, “well it has been occassionally scientifically proven that incestuous relationship gives birth to unhealthy life.”

Is the only purpose of two people being in a relationship is to produce babies? Can’t their be any other purpose. If two people, in this context the protagonist and her maternal uncle, decide to be in an incestuous relation without posing any threat to their own life or any future life why should that be a problem for the society?

I kind of went off track. Well I never had a track. I was just writing what I was thinking. I was thinking atype. I guess after quite some time I am blogging just because I want to without worrying too much about the quality of the post or the size or whether it would attract enough traffic and shit like that. I am back to my innocent days of blogging when I didn’t have any readers and I used to write such long rants.

More such reckless posts are on the way… Meanwhile on ‘This is my mind’ I wrote about how it makes me happy to see Bush showing the middle finger to Narendra Modi.