NEW DELHI: In a severe rebuke to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the United States has denied him entry to America.

Taking a strong stand against the senior BJP leader and Hindutva icon, the US Consular division on Friday denied him a “diplomatic visa”, apparently holding him responsible for the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 which claimed over 2000 lives.[Source:TOI]

Mutineers Shantanu and Sandil have written a post each against this decision of the US Government. Shantanu said,

“Of course there is little doubt of Narendra Modi’s explicit and implicit involvement in the Gujarat riots, but the tough act to swallow was the moral grand standing by the Bush administration, which to protect its view of the way in which the world should function happily trampled upon the rights of several sovereign countries and governments without thinking twice.”

And Sandil said,

“Sure, he’s had a bad history, but is the US government that stupid, that it thinks that Modi can cause genocide there?”

First of, I am not sure why it is such an issue that he is denied the Visa. Why must we even talk about it? Anyway here’s what I think. No US isn’t that stupid, they didn’t deny the visa because they were afraid Modi would go and create a genocide there. They denied it because they are the only ones who could show the middle finger to Modi and they rightly did so. Makes me happy.

What could we do to Modi with all the agitations, all the long long pages written and published against the Gujrat genocide all the ‘Action Aid’ actions, the online petitions, the facebook groups…What good were they for? Modi won the elections with flying colors, still ruling over the very people whose family’s he probably destroyed. In the end Modi showed the middle finger to all his critic in this country. Bush has the power to shame him and he rightly did so.

I suggest all these nations criticizing US for the war on Iraq and all the WMD stories should try showing the middle finger to Bush the next time he wishes to pay a visit to one of these countries. I would like to see who got the balls to deny a visa to Bush on these grounds of fake WMDs and all. All empty talks.

It’s a bloody game of power, no prize for guessing who commands all the power here.

Reminds me of a story my dad told me, “He who has whatever power”.

There lived a railway guard in a small village whose job was to show the red or green flags to the trains. When he got married he wanted to really show it off to his wife. After all he was amongst the rare people in that village with a Government job. So he told his wife, “You know how important my position is? I am a big boss of the railway station and the trains. I can stop any train any time I want.”

She got all wide eyed. Said, “really? Will you not show me?”

He said, “sure.” And the next train that was approaching, he quickly waived his red flag and stopped it. The driver checked his log, he was on time, then he asked the guard if there is an accident ahead? Guard said No.

Driver got angry, asked, “You fool why did you then stop the train.” The guard didn’t have a good answer so the Driver slapped him and drove the train way.

The little bride all confused asked, “honey you said you are so powerful you can stop the train. But the man slapped you. I don’t understand what happened.”

The guard smiled and said, “he who has whatever power would act accordingly my love. I had the power to stop the train I did, he had the power to slap me so he did.”