It was 6.30 pm I had just decided to shut down my laptop and read some books instead, I had also moved from my drawing room to bed room in order to lie down bit. Yet at the last min I thought let me still carry the laptop I would read some of the PDF files lying unread for so long, I won’t be online though. Just when I had looked at the screen to sign out of Gtalk and Twitter I found a tweet saying “blasts in Delhi, Karol Bagh”

From that time till the time they all took an auto and reached home I had a terrible time.

By ‘narrow’ I mean really really narrow, they were a few meters away from the blast site and were at the site where live bombs were found mins later. But today they escaped, what about tomorrow? And if not my family what about the families of those 20 that did lose their life and those 100s battling for in the hospital?

Yet another attack on us by the Islamic group. I am a secular person, I respect all religions but when I see a group of people doing blood shed in the name of their God I have a lot of questions to ask and to quote myself,

I would really need some answers to these questions without which it really gets difficult for a secularist to defend them when another counter-terrorism group attacks another bunch of innocent people as a natural reaction to terrorism.

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