The previous post on Delhi Blasts is one of the most un-biased post I have ever written. I gave enough thoughts before writing it, I read the draft over and over again to ensure I wasn’t blaming any religious community.

It kind of paid too, the post got a record 296 unique page views on 15 Sep 08 alone making the total hits to this blog on that day to 415 and as on date total number of hits on this post is 652. Those are record figures given that the average of this blog is a meagre 30-40 unique hits and average of my very popular This is my Truth is 160 to 170 unique hits per day.

Unfortunately, on Mutiny, though as a true sign of ultimate impartiality, it got blamed by the Muslim readers as biased against the entire Muslim community. After facing enormous verbal abuse from the Hindutva brigade ever since I’ve started writing on Mutiny, more recently on this post, and this, and this, for being biased against Hindus, for being a pseudo-secular and Hindu basher, I now get the same blame from Muslim. Makes me happy for at least now I can’t be labelled.

As always the said post became a platform for a heated debate. This time I chose to be a spectator and watched the debate between two key players, Swati and Yaamyn very closely. Swati is a commentator who have attacked me quite a few times on my other posts. She comes across as part of the Hindutva Brigade because time again she has had a problem with my Hindutva bashing. Yaamyn is a new face for me.

It was a good debate. Kudos to Yaamyn he put up a brave act, debated great, didn’t lose track and eventually succeeded in toning Swati down in her usual anti Islam rhetoric. Interesting to note that Swati’s first comment to the post was an anti Islam remark (comment no.15“Well when one of the few relics of the religion of PEACE is a SWORD, there isn’t much left to be said, is there?”) whereas Yaamyn’s first comment (comment no.10) on the other hand was absolutely peaceful. He was merely pointing out the factual inaccuracy in my post.

To see a debate with that kind of a start ending on a note where both Swati and Yaamyn tone down a lot, both partly agreeing to each other’s POV, where both acknowledged extremism of any kind is not good, where Swati admitted the violence by Bajrang Dal / RSS are not justified, is a good sign. It’s a sign of peace.

More importantly it just reiterates one point – that it takes no rocket science to realize, that terrorist of any kind, whether Hindu or Muslim, engaged in bloodshed don’t give a shit about their religion or God. It’s funny we call them religious fanatics because religion is the last thing on their mind. They are mere pawns in the game of power, political, financial etc.

Why does an educated Hindu in his heat of anger break Masjids and attack Christian priests and nuns and burn down poor Christian huts? Because he is brainwashed by ‘A’, a leader who convinced him that the centuries old Hindu culture and tradition is under attack by non Hindu.

Why does an educated Muslim in his heat of anger join a human bomb camp and blows himself up to kill innocent people, without even thinking he might be actually killing Muslims too. Because ‘B’, another leader brainwashed him and convinced him that that is what his God wants him to do.

Religion is used merely to brainwash them. But religion isn’t the end. There are more hands behind ‘A’ and ‘B’ whose motive is not religion. Cmon they are not even God fearing people, they are atheists for all I know. At the very top of this pyramid there is a conspiracy that crosses borders, religion, race, language, a conspiracy played out by conniving people hungry for power.

I read Yaamyn’s blog and realized this debate is not something he took very lightly. The latest post on his blog is an outburst of pent up anger against xenophobia that India is witnessing off late. It is his personal blog so the language is a wee bit profane which is surprising because on the Mutiny debate not for once did he use the F word. At times I find it difficult to control and end up using F word on Mutiny.

Yaamyn’s post deserves to be read. Because it is that voice of an secular Muslim condemning terrorism that we want to hear. Also because it is rarely that I am so moved by a blog post.

Yaamyn condemned terrorism, he also pointed out all those instances where the Muslim religious leaders have done the same in un ambigous words. [I will have another post on this here and Mutiny soon] But he isn’t naïve, he didn’t fail to raise questions against all the things that’s wrong with the idea of Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra.

To quote him on few things,

India‘s criminals are now branched into two. Criminals, and Muslim criminals. Terrorists are a Muslim copyright. No amount of Bajrang Dal bombs can make them terrorists.. (No! Labeling them would amount to being ‘pseudo-secularism’ and ‘anti-Hindu’)

‘Pseudo-secular’, a term people like myself, 1conoclast and Chacko have been labeled with over and over again. A word which is so flawed. We are people who simply are seculars which is to say we don’t think its fair to blame the entire religion for the misdeeds of few. We don’t blame Islam when we are attacked by Muslim terrorist, neither do we blame Hinduism when the saffron brigade burn down churches and break mosques. What is pseudo about it?

Muslims of India DO NOT follow Hindu culture or religion – SO FUCKING WHAT?! The Muslims in India have THEIR OWN CULTURE developed IN India – and I don’t call cultures that develop in India as Vietnamese. They’re an Indian culture, right down to the fucking Biriyani.

That’s a very good question. When we so proudly talk about India and its diversity does it not include the Lucknowvi kababs and Hyderabadi Biryanis? Does it not include the Haji Ali or the Ajmer Shareef, does it not include the Taj Mahal and Lal Quila?

Talking about the stereotypes faced by Indian Muslims he said something that I particularly liked,

“An AR Rehman can make an entire billion strong population sing to his rendition of ‘Vande Mataram and yet Muslims are ‘averse’ to patriotic songs.”

So true. When we have such a great symbol of religious harmony and secularism in Bollywood, why do we keep stereotyping.

He pointed out the basic flaw in the concept of Hindu Rashtra,

The stereotypes won’t fucking budge.

This is the 21st goddamn century.. the whole world’s mixing. Hitler’s gone, the world of ONE dominant race is a pipe dream.. why the hell are they still clinging onto ‘Maharastra for Marathis’ and ‘India for Hindus’ kind of medieval crap?!

And he ends his post with the best liens, a thought which is true to the core, simple to understand, hard hitting and yet the most easily forgotten.

India’s Muslims and Hindus and Christians are ONE. INdians. They’re an interwoven web.. and anything that effects any strand of the web, affects all. Unless that fact enters your tiny, racist heads – this country is doomed to continue in the same vein.

Do read this post which is an eye opener