Riya, my sister

Today is the birthday of two of the most wonderfully complicated people in my life, without who my life wouldn’t be the same. Both uncannily similar, the perfectionist orderly virgos who often get on my disorderly aquarian nerves.

My sister, the sweet child of mine, she is the closest to motherhood that I have been and now I never wanna be a real mother. Not because she is not great, she is, she is the best, but I am so possessive about her that I often forget when is the preacing too much of preaching which makes her angry and then we have a fight and all these scares me…After all these fights I cry, I blog, tweet, chat talk and let out my pain but I never see her tears. She never lets it out. There’s no body with who she could share except may be her boyfriend, and with him too I have a problem. Unfair. Very. This little girl has matured more than her age. Because I took her child hood away. And then when she scolds me I get pissed…

Ok this is getting depressingly emotional. The intention was to request my readers to wish her happy birthday. Please do wish my sister happy birthday on her blog or her Orkut Profile.

The other person born today but 12 years ealier is a girl I befriended in my 2d year of law college. I don’t even remember how we met or how we started talking. Somehow that has been erased from memory, if I try looking back it seems we always knew each other. As if we grew up together. Again lets not get emotional.

Seema is celebrating her bluey birthday far away in Calgary freshly out of a heart break, she is probably making a cake for herself to celebrate, the birthday not the heart break. Please do send some wisher her way through her blog.

Happy birthday girls, stay as you are.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sis

  1. hey, you know kid sisters do grow up and then they become a shadow of the person whom you led all around the place, tugging by the index finger. I have a sis who is eight years younger to me and no doubt I was absolutely possessive abt her but now she is a very different person, and I have let her be on her own. They learn to build their own nests.

    And friends – well distances never really part them, only misunderstandings do. So three cheers to your friendship!!!

    BTW, have wished both the girls thru their blogs :-)


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