It is official. Mutiny, the thought terminus of India which was till now restricted to the world wide web is officially a national publication. Refined, refurbished and printed it is now up for grabs.

You can now hold the ‘Mutiny’ in your hand, read it while sipping your morning coffee or on the commute, or while waiting for your date to arrive. Let’s admit, there is a different feel altogether to be in print. What more you might just win an iPhone3G (16GB) with your subscription. (Terms and Conditions apply)

So go straight ahead to the subscription page, chose your location and package and secure yourself a Mutiny every month along with the chance to be the proud owner of an iPhone3G (16GB). (India Subscrition | International Subscription )

Mutiny’s online edition was started as a knee jerk reaction but to make it go print was a mighty decision. It wasn’t easy to say the least. The cynics, they posed many a questions. Why print? Falling in the same old money making business are you? Yet another political magazine? Who are your target audience? Why should anybody pay a price to read what they can get for free online?

Well, we don’t have all the answers. What we do have is a promise that Mutiny is not and will never be yet another clog in the wheel. So what is unique about Mutiny?

For one, Mutiny doesn’t wear an ‘elite’ cap. We present you the truly democratic magazine, the common man’s thoughts in print. Mutiny is and will be what you want it to be. You the readers who have, for the past more than 4 years, loved it, hated it, but never did ignore it.

It is your continued invaluable support that we need all the more now. Mutiny aims to be a reader funded magazine so that we don’t succumb to our sponsors’/financers’ politics. So, subscribe to the print edition, ask your friends to subscribe, spread the word about the launch of the print edition, blog about it, tweet about it. Mutiny is yours really to nurture and grow.

Above all, please do contribute to the content. Like I said, we don’t have an ‘elite’ cap on. You don’t have to be a ‘famous’ author / journalist to be part of Mutiny. The print edition will not lose the true essence of blogging. We need you if you have a thought on anything relevant to India.

Remember thoughts are not expressed by text alone. Mutiny print edition would contain exclusive photo features. Join us if you love your camera. The print edition would also aim for an exclusive report on a featured topic each month.

May be Mutiny is not just a magazine. May be it is a community of young Indians, those who read, think, feel and opine. May be someday it would be even more, may be something big will happen, big for the nation, may be a Mutiny. May be.

So here we are with big dream, our dream your dream, where do we go from here?

Yours truely is the Managing Editor,
Signing out on behalf of Mutiny Edit team.