New Delhi (PTI): A group of ABVP activists on Thursday went on a rampage at Delhi University, vandalising the venue of a seminar in protest against presence of SAR Geelani, acquitted in the Parliament attack case, and spat on him.

Around 50 youths damaged property and hurled abuses on Geelani at the seminar on ‘Communalism, Fascism and Democracy Rhetoric and Reality’, disrupting the programme briefly.

Shouting slogans, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’, the student activists indulged in violence at the venue for about an hour even as over a dozen policemen present there remained mute spectators.

I am not writing this post to extend my apology to Prof Geelani for being a Hindu by birth for the shame I am submerged with after the display of persecution he is being subjected to by what we know as the Hindutvis. I need not apologise to Geelani or extend sympathy for they who spit on Geelani should know, the world is spitting on them, every body they are associated with and every thing they stand for-spit for.

“Guru Bhrahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara” goes the shloka we were taught in school. It was a Hindu value that was taught. It means Guru is God. But what did ‘they’ become when they grow up? They spit on the Guru. Where did the 5000 year old Hindu value go? I wonder don’t these people go back home to a parents or other elderly people? Don’t they find it difficult to look at their parent’s eyes after having done such shameless act. Won’t the parent of this pink shirt wearing guy who spat on Geelani watch it on TV? What would they say?

The feeling of disgust doesn’t stop at the footages of the spitting. On ‘Times Now’, Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami was seen talking to both Geelani and the ABVP president Nupur Sharma. Arnab opened his statement by asking Ms. Sharma if she’d like to apologise to Geelani on national TV. Ms. Sharma gave a look of disgust and said, “I am not going to apologize, what for?”

For the next 5 min she was seen yelling uncontrollably pointing out absolute non-sensical facts such as – there were students from other university like JNU who asked DU student to leave, as what? they (JNUites) shouldn’t be here (DU) [from no non Marathi in Mumbai to no JNUite in DU]; ABVP is not youth wing of BJP but an organization that is directly under RSS; the spitting happened before I was there; ABVP was not the only party which protested [so they have company]

None of the useless facts made any sense to the one question Arnab kept asking, “what is your stand on the despicible mode of displaying protest”

The woman didn’t take any stand, she kept on saying like a maniac, that Geelani has been accused on technical grounds and not given a clean chit. Anybody who saw the show tonight could tell she was an outright freak show, she made faces, sounds and what not, Arnab had to again and again remind her that there are other people on the show.

Finally the woman said “I’ll take a stand”, and she went on record saying on national television, “the whole country should spit on him. Who invited him to come to this university and talk about terrorism.”

That’s right with no sense of remorse or shame that woman used the word ‘spit‘. The whole country should spit on Prof SAR Geelani is the message ABVP President gave out today on national television.

It cannot get any worse than this. Their ugly faces has been exposed by their own mis-deeds. The day is not too far when they would all meet the same fate that Hitler met. Like Geelani, I too still have faith in the country’s secular democracy. Evil has never won over good and it never would.

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