I found this article a very good read. It’s on the 26/11 and aftermath. How for the first time India’s elite has been bloodied, may be now they’ll take democracy. The crux has been best put by Author James Crabtree in this para

India’s elite has long seen itself as a cosmopolitan island, fused to globalisation but apart from its nation. But, having come under attack, the rich may have cause to think again. Their nation’s rise will surely stall if its brightest and best remain estranged from government; the state needs their help, not their scorn. Perhaps a new sense of national responsibility will rise amidst the shambles and carnage of Mumbai. India’s wealthy, at least, have realised that they are not untouchable.

The article aslo touches up the paining inequality that prevails in this country, how the chaces of being the next superpower is so bleak. To quote the author, “India rising”—a subcontinental derivative of the American dream. This new national myth tells of a country escaping autarchy and socialism to become Asia’s superpower-in-waiting.”

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