We saw the re-runs over and over again on all the channels. Bunch of men going about hitting some girls openly. One girl was seen running out of the gate and a man slapped her, another girl fell on the floor and was kicked, another girl seen sitting on a sofa a man seen pulling her by hair and then slapping her, another girl was pushed from the back so she would fall.

These men just walked into a pub in Mangalore and started physically assaulting the women hanging out there having a drink or two. Anonymous girl on NDTV said the men called them names like prostitute, whores.

The men in question all members of right wing Hindu group called Sri Ram Sena. CM of Karnataka only reacted only after 48 hours. Home minister said it is being blown out of proportion, top cop in Bangalore blamed media for being busy recording the horror instead of calling police (although in the video we can see cops). Pramod Muthalik is the man behind this Hindu terrorist group.

Why is the nation not in shock? Why have our lives, our celebrations our smiles not been shattered in shame and horror. Why are we not taking out candle light vigils in support of the victims of such talibanized attacks. Why are we not saying enough is enough. When will we retaliate? When will we ban these group and pass ‘shoot at sight’ orders if more than 5 of them are seen to be gathering at a public place? Why is every single Indian women not terrorized that it could be them tomorrow. If it happens in Mangalore today it would happen in Delhi and Mumbai tomorrow, what makes us feel safe? We are not safe, we are not free, we live in the constant fear of being attacked killed abused raped by communal rioters, moral police, gender police, Hindu terrorist, Muslim terrorist.

Such ghastly act happens and the government don’t even declare the day as that of a national tragedy. The flags are not half mast. Is it not a national tragedy? Bunch of girls beaten up and abused merely for reasons of being girls is worse than people dying in terror attacks. Because the nation don’t feel their pain. While the nation celebrated the so called Republic Day, these girls were trying hard to cope with the trauma they have witnessed, something they would never fully get over with. Those trauma haunts the most which are not empathaised. The world stands by a terror victim but victims of such moral policing have no where to go to one to seek justice from.

The hooligans are not arrested and killed yet. We all know that they wouldn’t at all be arrested, if at all they are, they would get away the next day on bail. We’d provide them with lawyers even though we argued Kasab shouldn’t be given a lawyer. How different are these hooligans from the Kasab and his allies. They too stormed in a pub killing people randomly and so did the Sena guys here. It is not just guns and bullets by which you can kill people you know. The souls of these women have been wounded just as much as the victims of 26/11.

If our government can’t arrest and punish all of these hooligans, the Senas, Thackerays alike, we have no right to be a sovereign nation. Let us just surrender our sovereignty to Pakistan and Taliban and let them rule us because we are now following their style and culture in this country.

But what good will come out of even arresting or punishing them. The group in question would only get some political mileage. This is India, suppressing women’s liberty and attacking their dignity is in our blood. Yes, girls going to pubs is against Indian culture but beating them up if very much a part of our culture. I am sure there are men out their who are secretly supporting this behavior. Much like there are people who support the Hindus who kill Muslims and Christians or much like there are people who extend support to Raj Thackeray when he attacks non-marathas. Not to forget men get a kick out of violence against women and then they really don’t want women to be equal.

Who am I making these appeal to? Who is there to listen to a women’s plight in this nation anyway.

Die dear nation, just die of shame and remorse, will you?

Crossposted on Mutiny