Ever since I have published the previous post on Mutiny, I have been blamed of being illogical, cynical. Yes I am being cynical cause I am sick and tired of seeing the injustice. People are attacked and abused every other day on some pretext or the other but justice is never done. I see no more hope in this nation, I wish all of us die in shame.

But there are some high minded people who think talking about hope is all it takes to make the world a perfect place. They blame the media for highlighting the issue, the blame politicians, they blame police, they blame everybody except themselves. I for a change don’t blame others I am saying this nation is doomed we should all die of shame.

Talks wont make a change. Neither my talks of cynicm nor your talks of hope is going to make the change, the change will happen when we will act. And in most such incidents the women rights organizations act tirelessly while loud mouthed smart ass bloggers only talk. I would at least take the first step, I shall go out of the comfort of my AC office and stand on the street in protest with the fellow women activists.

Those who talk about hope, particularly the men out there, this is your chance to prove that you really mean what you say, join the protest meeting and give your inputs on how we can address these issues. Otherwise just accept that you are nothing but hypocrites of the worst kind.

When: Today

Time: 5pm

Venue: Gandhi Statue, MG Road, Adjacent to Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Called by: Various Women’s Rights organisations in Bangalore.

Call me for directions: 9900119681


Update: The meeting was attended by a 100 odd activists, mostly women, some men too from various organizations, to name a few, Vimochana, Alternative Law Forum, Hengasara Hakina Sangha, PUCL. They had raised slogans and held placards against the incident. There was an open letter that was distributed to all. The letter said, apart from being in a bar and dancing, the women were also beaten up because they dared to mix with Muslim girls.

Vimochana is taking a lead in this protest and would be submitting a petition to Karnataka Governor sometime next week. More updates to follow.