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An important update on this. The meeting is cancelled because there were only 8 confirmed bloggers for the meet, and the ABIDE team wasn’t interested in meeting such a small group. I don’t blame them, after all Mr. Mishra and Mahesh are really busy people. That also makes me realize what a shame it is that they are all so fond of cribbing but no one wants give up their Sunday morning for something really constructive. 

Anyway the Blogaloreans are now focussed on organizing a Free Hug Campaign on V-Day to defy Mr. Muthalik in his anti humanity attempts. Follow the discussion here :)

We, the Bangalore Bloggers have a great opportunity to participate in the planning and development process of our favourite city, Bengaluru.
Many of you might have already heard of Bengaluru Vedike. It’s an initiative by Member of Parliament – Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar. A platform for public-spirited citizens of Bengaluru, aimed at making a difference to the future of Bengaluru by engaging all its stakeholders to a vision of clean, green, safe and progressive city.
One of their initiative is ABIDE Plan Bengaluru 2020 under which the team have recently launched four action plans and blueprints in the areas of (1) Govern Bangalore, 2) Road Traffic Management 3) Urban Poor 4) Security [More details on ABIDE page]
Lead India winner Mr. RK Mishra (who is also a blogger btw) and India Together’s Co-founder, Mapunity founder Mr. Ashwin Mahesh, who are also members of ABIDE, have co-authored the action plan related to Road Traffic Mangament. They have expressed their willingness to meet the Bangalore Bloggers to obtain their feedback / review of the Plans.
Their aim is to get every Bangalorean to review these plans and add their feedback or add any specific concerns that might have been missed out and there is no better way to reach out but through the bloggers. You could give your reviews / feedback / bricks / bouquets about the plans on your personal blogs which could be featured on the Vedike home page. (Terms and Conditions apply. Would be decided post the meeting)
ABIDE team have offered to provide for the venue and lunch.  
So here are the final details, Please leave your contact details in the comments section below or reply to this email thread that is running on Blogalorean’s google group, or to blogaloreans@gmail.com to confirm your participation. 
Event: Bangalore Bloggers Meet with ABIDE Plan Bengaluru 2020
Date: Sunday, 8th February 2009
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
10 am to 10.30 am – Question & Answer sessions on “who, what, why of Bengaluru Vedike and ABIDE”
10.30 am to 11.30 pm – Presentation on the plan. 
11.30 to 1 pm: Discussion about the Plans
1pm to 1.30: Lunch

Venue: Koramangala Club
Participation: Free but with prior intimation to the contact person below.
Contact Person:
Sanjukta 9900119681

Please note this is not a formal conference or seminar, this a bloggers meet organized in the true free spirit of blogging.

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