So Ram Sene says they’ll get the dating couples married on Valentine’s day. So Muthalik is the real Cupid after all. He’ll get marraiges solemnised by force and would also take them to marriage registrar. Yeah right, marriage registrar is Muthalik’s father’s servant. He is sitting there to attend to Muthalik’s psychological disorders.

In response came this brilliant idea from @priyaraju on Twitter. “Gay couples should hang out on V Day before Muthalik’s house. Let him marry them off & do something good for a change.” I so loved this idea really.

We have these fascist elements in India who just goes about blurting any kind of crap they want to and no body even says anything to them. They go about saying we’d kill all non Marathas, we’d beat up women if they wear a certain dress. From the sheer crime to unconstitutional propaganda, all is passed in the name of freedom of speech here.

Take a look at this news from Australia. There is this Muslim cleric in Australia who have been saying stupid things like, ‘marital rape’ and ‘wife beating is allowed in Islam’. No less than the Prime Minister of the nation have taken serious note of this fact and have given press statement that such gender biased and violent ideas have no place in modern democratic Australia, that he wouldn’t tolerate such kind of speeches or mindset in modern Australia and sought an apology from the cleric.

“I would call upon this Islamic cleric to publicly apologise and repudiate his remarks,” Mr Kevin Rudd said.

He told reporters that such views have no place in Australia.

“Under no circumstances is sexual violence permissible or acceptable in Australia,” he said.

“Nor are they acceptable in my view to mainstream Muslim teachings,” he said of the views apparently supporting violent treatment of women.

And the cleric didn’t even say any of these as a part of any kind of hate propaganda or moral policing, he expressed these views in a certain video he made on Key to Successful marriage which is apparently posted on the internet. But the PM of the nation thought it was an issue important enough for him to address. Do we see any such thing happening in our country?

These are marks of a great leader, something India have never seen.