While we were discussing the Free Hugs Campaign for V-Day, at least 10 people brought to my notice that there was already such an event planned, a world wide free hug campaign, details of which were up on Facebook.

I find it surprising that an world wide event can entirely be planned online via facebook or other social networking sites, while the event is only possible offline. You can spread the word through facebook but can you actually plan the event? But while I was planning the campaign they all pointed me to the facebook event so I thought may be there are some special guidelines to follow or somebody is dedicated in each city world wide to plan and implement the event off line and we need to get in touch with that person.

But when I checked out the facebook event page I realized there is no such planning involved. They have just declare 13th to 14th as 24 hours of Free hugs campaign. They have not set any guidelines. No individual is actually leading the campaign in each city. I guess they have left it to the users to organize their own Free Hugs and spread the word through that page. This is indeed a great way to bring young generation across the world on a same platform for a common cause.

So far so good but there was one thing that really pricked my eyes and now it seems the event page isn’t merely an attempt to spread the word and unite. It also is a marketing strategy for a certain T-shirt maker and seller. There was a link to this T-shirt site on the main event page, these are cool Free Hugs T-shirts. Not for free.

Does anybody else think its a marketing strategy?

Here’s the link to the facebook event page.