Phew! So much is going on in life, just don’t have the time to blog. This person asked, “whats up?” Now for some it might just be a conversation starter but for me it is a dilemma, should I or shouldn’t I start telling what all is really up. Let me see, umm, from the last time we met, work, hectic, health bad, food outside, activities, NDTV, We the people, Barkha Dutt, happy, Mutiny, stress, friend, hope-to-be-boyfriend, fight, patch up, love, sex, valentine’s day, free hugs campaign, fame some more, travel, Goa…Those are the things that has been up off late. I don’t think you’ll like it if I really start talking about what’s up, and that’s why my safe answer would be “nothing much, life in general.”

Goa and the event India Lies in You

Leaving for Goa tomorrow 12 noon flight and have not yet started packing. I do this every time and every time I am reminded of that famous line from the film ‘A few good men’, “William was leaving for life, and he didn’t pack a thing, he didn’t make a call.” If I was William, Lt. Kaffe wouldn’t have had a case. Well ok, I am only leaving for a day, but never mind.

Going as a panelist in this event called, “India Lies in You.” It’s a passionate initiative taken up by the students Sri Sri Institute of Management Studies, Goa. It is heartening to see how more and more of the students community today are trying to create an environment and conscience which inspires each one of us to give back our share to the society and the nation. ‘India lies in you’ is one such initiative which tries to answer questions like, “what are our duties as an Indian, as a citizen? What Will we become the change we want to see?”

On day 2 of this event, that is tomorrow, there would be the screening of the film “A Wednesday” followed by clippings and presentations from the students and a panel discussion. Vasanthi of NDTV recommended my name as a panelist, so here I am all set to go to Goa. The SSIMS representative who has been communicating with me is an extremely poliete and sweet person and they have done an excellent job so far in planning my visit. I am more than glad with all the arrangements.

NDTV, We the People and Barkha Dutt

Vasanthi also recommended my name for the Bangalore special of ‘We the People’ on the culture wars in Karnataka aired last Sunday. This was my 4th time on NDTV and this time I got to actually talk to Barkha. In fact I would have to write a separate post on this by the title ‘Barkha dutt came to me and asked if I was Sanjukta’. Wait for that post. Meanwhile here’s the video. I posted it on Facebook with the following description:

This was my 4th time on ‘We The People’ this time as a special audience. They give you reserved chair and spl attention and all when you are a special audience. And some day I’ll be on the pannel :)

Got talking to Barkha towards the end segment, she actually came to me and asked if I was Sanjukta. Wanted to talk more to her but there were too many people crowding around her. So I just asked if I could add her on Facebook. And we are facebook friends now :)

She also wrote to me at length regarding the Kunte issue. Its unbelievable, never thought I’d actually be having a personal communication with one of my icons.

But wait don’t congratulate me yet, I got a long long way to go.

Friendship, the weird eternal types

Friend Sandil got married this month. I didn’t attend any of the 2 weddings and 1 reception that he invited me to. I don’t know why I didn’t go. I have no good reason, if at all I do have some reason I can’t tell anybody about it. But I felt terrible once it was too late. I hated myself for not being there with him to share one of the most important day of his life. And as always I presumed that amidst all his happiness to start a new life he wouldn’t even notice I didn’t go, but I was wrong, he did notice. His first line to me after he returned from honeymoon was, “why didn’t you come.” All I got for him is a ‘sorry’ no excuses, no justification.

And when something related to Mutiny became stressful, it was him who was the first person to call early in the morning to find out what happened. Enough said.

Sandil and wife Soumya make a great national integration family. He is half Muslim half Hindu, she is half Hindu half Christian. They did a Church wedding and a temple wedding. We need many such examples today. A lovely couple they are, may God, if there is any bless, the two of them. Sending all my sincerest wishes their way with a hope to have a life long friendship.

Quitting Mutiny’s Managing Editor position:

Due to some personal reasons I am quitting from Mutiny Prnit’s Managing Editor position. I would continue as an editor for the web but would be pulling myself out of the print activity. Personally I think it is best if the Print team and Web team are kept seperate. I know quite a few eye balls are raised there, curious minds are at work but I am not saying anything more than that. Personal reasons. Period.

The activities and media coverage:

The free Hug campaign was a great success. Success simply because it was such a fulfilling activity for all of us. Who would have thought that Valentine’s Day would become the day when you’d see hundreds of self less peace loving citizens young and old alike coming out on the street seeking a civil right as simple as that of freedom to express love fearlessly. Who would have thought Valentine’s day would become the day symbolic of us asserting our rights. A separate post is to be dedicated on the experiences. Remind me for it.

I got reported all over the media from TOI to HT to Yahoo, Sify, Indian Express as ‘one blogger’ who called all the women for Pub Bharo and Hug Karo. So if you read about the Free Hugs campaign in Bangalore during the valentine’s day and read about a certain blogger, you should know that is me :) I was also on the front page of Bengaluru Chronicle, the supplement paper of Deccan Chronicle on 13th Feb and on Bangalore Mirror on 12th Feb.

I have uploaded some pics on the Facebook album. Also shared a lot of links on the events page. Fellow Blogalorean AJ who was a significant participant in the campaign wrote a very nice summary on Desicritic.

So much of self promotional talk – you must be thinking. Well in my defence I didn’t do any of these to gain attention. I really go about doing my own things, fame and recognition just happen to find me from nowhere.

Its 2 am now. I am yet to pack, yet to watch the film A wednesday. I specially went to Planet M to buy the dvd so that before tomorrow’s discussion I get to see the film but now it seems I’d have to watch it on the flight on my laptop. While at Planet M I also picked up some very nice CDs, Mika’s new album ‘Life in Cartoon Motion India Edition’, A 3 CD compilation of Pop / Rock through 60s to 80s featuring the band Stars on 45, VCDs of the films, Tahan and The Queen

After work today I also got my personal visiting cards made. It has come out nicely. The Print Xpress on Richmond Road gave a very nice service. I was sitting at work thinking I should have had a visiting card which I could give to people I’d be meeting tomorrow in SSIMS, even before I had started thinking my hands have alreayd tweeted, can i get a business card designed and printed in one evening in bangalore..?” Within the next 15 min I had at least 10 various suggestions. Most common were @mrmwrites gave the most useful information, he mentioned the price and gave the numbers also. Thanks to Twitter, information was served to me on a platter, thanks to Google maps in no time I knew exactly where I had to go, which road to take. No wonder my visiting card reads, Sanjukta Basu, Social and New Media Enthusiast.

Talking about twitter, Indian national Congress is on Twitter now, it seems they are kick starting the 2009 General Elections campaign on social media.

Enough of yapping for the day. Will start packing now.

See ya

Ps. Oh forgot the love, sex, hope-to-be-boyfriend bits. Well no love, but some sex is around. Some very nice sex at that. But am considering a break up with him, casual sex isn’t really my cup of tea. Can’t be in it for too long just for sex, I want much much more. Hope to be boyfriend got angry over something. On what exactly I am not sure but must be something quite serious considering he removed me from facebook and blocked me on Gtalk. I wasted no time in sending him a huge apology, begged and plead to be my friend again and now we are back on facebook and Gtlak. Well, I really am not sure if I really needed to apologise, but if my saying a sorry can make things right then why not.