(The Search series: Part I – She Was Walking Searching, Part II – The Road has Come To And End, Part III Still Searching, Part IV She Became A Tree, Part V The Mirror After The Tree )

The road has come to an end. This is the end of the beginning, and this is the beginning of a new end.

In this road nothing excites me anymore,

nothing makes me happy,

nothing makes me sad.

I feel numb. Comfortably numb.

Oh dammit did you see,

in this road I lost my creativity.

All the emotions I feel are already made into songs,

this Floyd, that Cobain.

I don’t wanna walk this road no more,

here all I have is broken images, scattered thoughts.

I hallucinate, I see things that signify emptiness.

I see dry leaves, empty desert,

thorny bushes, dry ponds, hungry dogs.

I hear voices in my head,

they are all sad songs, poems,

they all have the same tunes

that of dullness.

Whatever I eat they all taste the same,

that of ocean.

In my sleep I dream I am naked.

Naked in a crowd, sharp eyes on me,

sometimes I try to hide,

sometimes I look straight in their eyes.

It’s my soul I bare,

but all they see is the body.

They come near me,

they touch me poke me turn me around,

lift me up and hang me upside down,

like a freak show on the highway,

they stop by for a while,

some leave too soon, some take time.

This road is not rough,

not worth treading anymore.

This road is perfect, perfection is a sad state of being.

Put the last brick on the wall, creativity ends there.

That last stroke of a brush in a more than perfect frame

is an end to the artist’s imagination.

A book when read and closed puts an end to knowledge,

we stopped learning the day we graduated,

we stopped loving the day we took the vows.

Why do I then want perfect love?

Why do I then run away from crossroads and mazes?

I don’t. I just solve them too soon and they disappear.

It pains when they disappear.

So I don’t bother anymore.

So where do I go from here?

Drift, the world is round anyway.

Alright then, I’ll see you at the end of the world.

There was a freak on the highway. What happened when they saw it? Some just passed by without even noticing, some stopped for a while, stared and wondered but left without going too near. Some were really adventurous, they pulled over, went near, they touched it felt it, spent some time trying to understand. What did you do?