Found this on a New Zealand based website.

“Murderers and thieves are likely to be elected when Indians vote tomorrow, and that’s putting the world’s largest democracy at risk, writes Ruth Hill.”

The article is about the criminals that are contesting the forthcoming general elections. I must say its a well researched piece. Some excerpts:

Of the 543 MPs elected in 2004 to Lok Sabha – India’s House of Commons – 128 faced charges for serious crimes, including murder, extortion, threats, kidnapping, theft and rape.

The 2004 election was the first time candidates were forced to disclose assets and criminal convictions – not that it appeared to put off voters. Unsurprisingly, the idea did not originate with a political party. It was a group of disgruntled law professors, calling themselves the Association for Democratic Reforms, who won a suit in the Delhi High Court in 1999.

The reforms were opposed by politicians from across the spectrum, who managed to defer their implementation for five years till forced to do so by the Supreme Court.

Parties seem prepared to do almost whatever it takes to win power – even cosying up to criminals.

When they’re not being intimidated and forced to hand over their voting registration cards, voters in poor rural areas and urban slums have become accustomed to being wooed with free saris, nose pins, the promise of free weddings for their children and even gifts of guns for those in restless border states.

We are very fond of looking down upon Afghanistan, Pakistan and snobbishly use the term Talibanisation. At this rate the day isn’t too far when they will say we wouldn’t allow Indianisation of our Politics because the world is watching us even more today.


Also read this on the assets declaration by the various election candidates.