It is becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain the ground reality of the LTTE v. SL Army situation in the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The truth is hard to find and even harder it is to believe what they claim to be true.

While the Sri Lankan government claims they have stopped using air strikes and heavy weapons against the LTTE, a young Tamilian girl who survived the conflict in the island nation says the war is still on and adds that LTTE chief V Prabhakaran is a hero. She says the ceasefire is a myth, the SL Government is lying to the whole world and that she wishes their hero Prabhakaran escapes the SL Army. [Source]

On the other hand captured LTTE cadres are now saying that the LTTE have killed innocents Tamil civilians and have stopped them from fleeing the war zone. They said,

“Every point from where people could move away from LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) areas were unfortunately manned by LTTE cadre,” said V.K. Pancharatnam, a translator and aide to the Tigers’ late political leader S.P. Thamilselvan.

“People who tried to leave met with violence,” he said, referring to the Sri Lankan military offensive as a “humanitarian operation” – in line with the defense ministry’s portrayal of its blistering offensive.[Source]

Chances of these cadres lying in exchange of amnesty is less because SL Government clearly said that there is no question of amnesty for senior LTTE leaders.

The other day this twitterer said, LTTE don’t use their own people as human shield. So I asked him who are their own people? He said (1) People whose kids who have taken to LTTE (2) Residents of that region until before Army occupation and shelling began.

Of couse this information is from a random social media user and cannot be relied upon for any practical purposes but shows the public thinking. What if there were Tamilians in the North who don’t want to join Prabhakaran in his freedom fight or don’t want their children to become LTTE fighters? Prabhakaran and his men would kill them? We have been hearing for long enough that the LTTE cadre force small children to pick up guns and engage in guerilla war tactics. So do they support Prabhakaran out of fear?

Meanwhile the entire world is asking the SL Government to stop the onslaught and provide for humanitarian aid to the civilians who are in the warzone. The entire Tamil diaspora accross the world are against SL Government except for one group of Canadian Tamils. On 3rd April this group issued a statement of absolute support to SL Government effort to eradicate terrorism from the soil of Sri Lanka.

The Executive board members of Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy today voted unanimously in favour of an emergency resolution put forward declaring absolute support to the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa to eradicate Terrorism in Srilanka.

The resolution, requests the President to undertake “whatever actions deemed necessary” to crush Terrorism and putforth a reasonable political solution to Tamils. It also thanked the Government of Srilanka for the conference in Colombo inviting moderate Tamils – Sri Lankan oversees to consult and discuss the solution.

The resolution strongly rebuked some member countries of the United Nations and European Union for launching attack on the rights of the democratically elected Government of Srilanka and for undermining its efforts to eradicate Terrorism from Sri Lankan soil. Sri Lanka’s decision to fight the Terrorists is a historical one, because for the first time in Sri Lankan history, the Government is determined to fight the Terrorist to protect Sri Lankans without bowing down to International pressure.

A former LTTE intelligence wing cadre who defected from the organization in 2004 and currently works as an analyst writes a blog called ‘The LTTE insider‘. This person wrote on his blog,

I have been working on the following paper since winter 2006 and decided to post it on a blog as I saw an attempt by LTTE to circulate a false propaganda that internally displaced people in northern Sri Lanka are being sent to “internment camps” or as described on their own words as “concentration camps”.

But the truth is that the Sri Lankan Government has planned to open five welfare centers to house Tamils fleeing the last 100 square kilometers patch of jungle where the army has pinned down the remaining LTTE cadres who try to infiltrate liberated areas disguised as civilians. 

Read the full post here

More updates on this issue to follow.


5 thoughts on “Who would you believe: Sri Lankan Government, Survivors, LTTE insiders?

  1. No angels on both sides. The Sinhalese and Tamils have been fighting each other for centuries. After Independence from the British, the Sinhalese started treating the Tamil minority badly, gradually treating them as second hand citizens. When the Tamils demanded their rights, it lead to large scale riots. The Tamils then resorted to using violence supported and armed by the Indian government (Indira Gandhi and MGR). Later, when Rajiv Gandhi intervened and signed a peace deal that asked for Tamil rebels to give up their arms, the strongest Tamil group – the LTTE refused to lay down arms. The LTTE also silenced the other Tamil voices using violence and now we have the situation we are facing today.

    That’s a very simplistic story. The full story is here:

    There are two movies that you should watch based on the SL conflict:

    Santosh Sivan’s Terrorist:

    And Manirathnam’s Kannathil Muthamitaal:


  2. Tigers were supposed to protect, but held them hostage and even killed their own people.

    It was the government which kept saying the number of civilians was around 35-50,000, and controlled the flow of food to that number. And later accepted that 100,000 fled out few weeks after that, but still insisted that the people left were less than 20,000.

    SL army said, they were not using heavy artillery, but shown by the UN’s satelite images, that they heavily shelled the densely populated regions of the safe zone.

    And now they say, they can handle the IDP crisis.

    This why we need to have independent observers and allow reporters. When they are not allowing any news reports, don’t you think they have something to hide?


  3. @Onion, I agree…They are surely hiding somethings. In fact I am forced to think that like the other UN Bodies there should be a UN body for media – print / tv to monitor these situations.


  4. Sinhalese govt cannot escape even if it gets support from foolish Indian congress govt& selfish officers appointed by th


  5. Prabakaran is the true hero.When he was in power the sinhalese were dare enough to touch tamils even at Columbu


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