There is so much to read on the internet but I just don’t have the time. So I am just gonna make a note of them here and will read them later at peace.

An interesting discussion thread on the Trial of Mumbai Terror attack accused Ajmal Kasab on the Pakistan Defense site.

Pakistan government have finally woken up and taken action against Taliban. But experts believe this is not enough and the situation is far from being under control. Window on Pak Press is a series on India Today. The latest of this series ‘Military fails to tame Taliban‘:

Despite military operation and international pressure, Taliban militants not only continued armed patrolling in Swat Valley but also suspended talks with the government unless the newly-launched military operation in Dir Lower was stopped, media reported. 

Meanwhile The News quoting military sources militants’ death toll in the last two days of operation rose to 46. However, the report said, due to disruption of the communication system in the area, the claim could not be confirmed from independent sources. As residents started leaving their homes for safer places, security forces on Monday claimed to have killed 20 more militants in different areas of Maidan in the Lower Dir district during operation “Toar Tandar” launched against the militants to “capture or flush them out”.

And the militants are far from being scared of the Pak army they are instead giving out threats to Laywers and media.

 Speaking on FM radio channel, deputy chief of the militants, Shah Dauran, threatened lawyers of action for speaking against Taliban. He said lawyers Sher Zaman, Muamber, Ali Haidar, Zahoor Iqbal, Muhammad Ismail, Noor Muhammad, Hazrat Bilal and others “are making fun of Shariat-e-Muhammadi and Taliban” and his fighters would soon take action against them. “Whoever will speak against Taliban, we will take action against them,” he threatened.

Coming to Sri Lanka Issue here’s an interview expert by CNN IBN of President Rajapaksa – “We want to catch Prabhakaran alive’ says President – “People must know who these terrorists are”