I often wonder what is the relation between religion and sexuality. I have not yet read enough on it to make a post but I do know that Islam and Christianity condemns homosexuality. Hinduism is perhaps silent on the topic. Anyway I found these following reading interesting.

Bishop Robert Bennett of the Diocese of Huron has asked a committee to begin to develop prayers for same-gender couples, but the service will not provide a nuptial blessing…Bennett asked the diocesan doctrine and worship committee to “synthesize and make available the most recent and relevant material to aid in this discernment” and then to “develop appropriate protocols, guidelines and evaluative tools to enable us to move forward with appropriate liturgies to celebrate the love, mutual fidelity and support that gay and lesbian Anglicans model every day for the church and wider community.” (Full story) 

That sounds like a good thing although I don’t know the exact implications. Also read this story, Judaism Offers a Wide Range of Views on Same-Sex Marriage. It talks about how judaism does not allow homosexuality but a certain reform movement by progressive Rabbis who are supportive of same sex marraiges is in the rise.

The Reform Movement has thus advocated for civil same-sex marriage for many years. The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the professional association of Reform rabbis, passed a resolution in 1996 opposing “governmental efforts to ban gay and lesbian marriage.” The Union of American Hebrew Congregations, the congregational arm of the Reform movement, followed suit in 1997, resolving to, “support secular efforts to promote legislation which would provide civil marriage equal opportunity for gay men and lesbians.”

As the chief rabbi of Beth Simchat Torah in New York City, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum has become a de facto spokesperson for LGBT Jews in the United States. Congregation Beth Simchat Torah is the nation’s largest and most prominent LGBT-oriented synagogue in the world (although many straight Jews who worship there as well).

Found this blog Sexuality and Religion: What’s the connection? It is written by Debra W Haffner, a Minister who is also a sexologist and in her own words, “Yes, those words do go together!” The blog’s introduction further reads, “I am also the director of the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing (www.religiousinstitute.org) I hope you’ll join me in exploring the connection between sexuality, religion, and spirituality, and the need for sexual justice in our faith communities and society”

And in news:

The Censor Board have cleared a Bollywood film with 10 seconds man to man lip lock scene. The movie is Pankh and it would also probably have male nudity. (DNA)

San Fransico Court have upheld the legality of Proposition 8 which means gay marriages are not legal in San F anymore. Sandip Roy writes a very nice article, Gay Mecca No More, in response to the decision.

Am yet to read this article on Gay marraiges, “The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage: It isn’t going to work,” fully but I have a gut feeling it’s got some cliched arguments against homosexuality which is going to annoy me.

That’s all for today.