RIP The King of Pop


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They believe in every few ages every time the affairs of the world goes haywire God pays a visit to earth, its the same God who just comes in various different avatars. He came and wrote holy books, The Geeta, The Bible The Quran.

But not every time will he write holy books will he, in different ages need of the hour changes. So this one time he came and gave man kind, the Pop music.

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson, you were that God sent who gave us pop music. Do come back again for this world wouldn’t be the same without you. Michael tried in vain to teach her moon walk and just gave up at her attempts. “Michael loved to laugh, MJ’s laugh was the sweetest and purest laugh I’ve ever known, he was very mischievous.”

Watching the Live telecast of the Memorial service from Staple Center.

Condolence messages from Dianna Ross and Nelson Mandela were read out.

Michael’s body brought center stage.

Mariah Carey’s musical tribute

A poem recited by Queen Latifa, “Now we know that we know nothing” was the opening line of the poem. Brought tears to my eyes. Sums up Mj’s whole life…no body could know him, and now we never will.

Lionel Ritchie’s musical tribute

Berry Gordy founder of Motown now giving his tribute speech, he started by saying “Michael was like a son to me.” He is talking about Motown’s history and Michael’s association with it. “He is the greatest entertainer that ever lived.” – Berry Gordy

Stevie Wonder’s musical tribute. Speechless and tearful after that beautiful tribute by Stevie. I still can’t believe its him lying still in there in that casket, not tapping his foot. That body is still, those feet are still that voice is mute… :(

Jennifer Hudson Michael’s “will you be there.” Noooo… this really makes me cry. :(

Rev Al Sharpton’s tribute speech: “Michael never gave up dreaming, it was his dream that change the world…it was him who brought blacks and whites and asians and latinos together, it was him who sang “we are the world” he created a comfort level that made people feel connected, that made people from all over the world connect…Michael made us love each other…as you climb high over the mountain you make scars and tear your skin but don’t focus on the scars…Michael never stopped.”

“There was nothing strange about your father. What’s strange, is what he had to deal with”. -Rev Al Sharpton

I was thinking about it and Barkha Dutt just expressed similar thoughts on twitter, why is the memorial so predominantly black? Strange.

John Mayers performing ‘Human Nature’ now. He is perhaps the only white artist to perform.

Brooke Shields tribute speech. She is talking about her friendship with him. She was 13 when she met him. Her vice is choking as she speaks. She says, “Michael loved to laugh, he had the purest laugh I’ve ever seen.” Michale’s favourite song was the song that Charlie Chaplin wrote for the movie Modern Times, ‘Smile’

Jermaine Jackson now performing Michael’s favorite song ‘smile’

I didn’t know untill Jemaine’s performance that I can cry this uncontrollably for MJ. I still feel he would jump out of that casket with an Aaaaaaaao.

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III ‘s tribute speech.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s tribute. She said to Michael’s family, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Michael had a big heart he cared. He never stopped giving, he touched people. When we were at war he sang to us heal the world, he said it doesn’t matter if we are black or white, he asked us to beat it, beat the violence because and he asked us to look in the mirror if we want to make a change.

Rep Sheila declared Michael a legend and an American music icon.

Usher now performing, ‘Gone too soon’

So much sorrow…Sigh!

Smokey Robinson’s tribute speech. First time he heard the 11 year old Michael he wanted to see his birth certificate because he couldn’t believe someone that young could sing with such feelings, you need to know a lot to have that feeling in your notes.

Shaheen Jafargholi now performing, ‘who is loving you’. Shaheen was supposed to perform with Michael in the forth coming ‘This is it’ tour in London.

A performance from Michael’s scheduled This is it tour, his favorite part, ‘We are the world, by Michael and Lionel Richie, being performed by his singers and the other artists present at the Memorial.

That concludes the Memorial, WTF we need more Michael…this is not fair…we needed more.

Michael’s family one by one saying a few words, Jermaine’s voice breaking. Oh my tears rolling down my cheeks, one of the brother asked Michael to hug another of their brother. Don’t know what it was about, may be they lost a brother before. And right after he just broke in tears.

Seeing Michael’s daughter Paris crying made me wanna kill myself.., why such sorrow, she said, “I just want to say that ever since I was born daddy was the best father one could be.” And then she broke in tears and so did the world with her. She is 11.

Michael, please come back…heal the world, make it a better place.