Pause for a while, take a moment, spend it in mourning for all that is dead, dying and will die. Death of the faith in justice system, of women’s rights, of the many helpless innocents killed at work or leisure…So many death and so many killers walking free.

All 6 accused in the Prof Sabharwal murder case were set free by a Nagpur Court today. The accused who were ABVP (students wing of BJP) activists had allegedly attacked and beaten Prof Sabharwal outside the Madhav College in Ujjain 3 years ago. [Source] The entire nation had watched the disturbing brutality, a wounded unconscious Prof, the “guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara” being carried inside an ambulance. Broad day light 100s of on lookers. Yet they couldn’t find one witness to make a strong prosecution.

Today the Court noted the prosecution has failed to prove the charges and aquitted all the accused. So did no body kill him? Did Prof Sabharwal die a natural death? How will it feel if tomorrow the Court says “the prosecution has failed to prove the charges” and sets free Ajmal Kasab.

BJP is now seeing this as a moral victory. They were seen shouting slogans outside the Court today. On CNN IBN a BJP spokesperson said, “We always had faith in judiciary and that faith has been restored. Truth has won.”

Somewhere the evil had the last laugh as the BJP person went on accusing Prof Sabharwal’s son to be playing politics in collusion with Congress party. In the end of the debate, Himanshu, Prof Sabharwal’s son said, “I am glad you are not suggesting I plotted the death of my father to enter politics.”

Himanshu Sabharwal would now approach Supreme Court.[Source]

In another BJP ruled state in a certain mass marriage drive around 150 women were made to go through virginity tests before they could be declared fit for marriage and given the Rs. 6500 wedding gift. Most of these women were from the lower caste. (Source) I thought the Indian women were better off than the Zulu tribes in Africa, but no they are not.

Such shameful act of extreme patriarchy, such horrific display of man’s control over a woman’s body and soul, in a progressive democracy such as ours. Where are we going with these? They saybeing gay is unnatural. This is not unnatural? Leaders of all the major religions, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Hinduism they all came together for the first time in history to hold a press conference last week to condemn the Delhi High Court judgment legalizing gay sex. They didn’t come together after 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, they didn’t come together after 9/11, this is an issue far more important to them.

When women are raped, killed, burnt alive for dowry, made to go through such humiliation they sit at peace, don’t they have any shame? And what about the Government. Allegedly the girls who refused to go through the test were denied the wedding gift. What were they organisers  thinking?

The CM of Madhya Pradesh, where this incident happened, blatantly denied any such test. Probed further the officials are now saying it was pregnancy test and not virginity test.Why should there even be a pregnancy test? Apparently they (officials) wanted to be sure that no girl is taking wrong advantage of the mass marriage scheme. What on earth does that mean? Also note some women were found pregnant and they were indeed denied marriage.

What kind of drive is this anyway, that of mass marriage, what the hell is the point behind such activity. I feel so ashamed.

In another BJP ruled state of Gujarat 100s of Dalits died due to consumption of alcohol. The state is a dry state. Clearly the state machinery is making money from the illegal liquor market which is why the ban on liquor in the first place. And why not this is BJP rule push all your so called culture, ethics and morals force fully down people’s throat. If they dare raise a voice kill them. Talk about prosperity and development. Well Germany too developed a lot during Hitler’s rule.

Congress ruled state that of Delhi, back to back two accidents in the Delhi Metro Rail project. Casualties are of course the poorest of the all class, the workers. The DMRC in its over eagerness to complete the project by 2010 is ready to compromise on safety norms and workers lose their lives. DMRC chief jumped gun and gave resignation, a calm fair maid Sheila Dixit came on TV and mentioned how DMRC cannot survive without him. The chief returned, few hundreds thousands would be announced in compensation next, how much would actually be paid we don’t know, and of course no one would be held guilty for the lost lives.

In all of the above there would be a commission or an enquiry there would be two political parties mudslinging at each other, there would be media opening debates the ‘Big Fights’ and the ‘We the People.’ There would be junta smsing their ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the media goons. And all the while the killers would walk free somewhere amongst us, and the evil would have the last laugh.

Ps. I am not even starting on the continuous Maoist attacks, dunno where to start. Separate post for that may be.

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