Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India


Meet Ahana aka Mishkah, the baby girl who came to this world this morning at 8.20 am who would call twitter rock stars @snigdha and @lighttripper as mom and dad, and @sanjukta as Sexy Maasi :P

She is a very special child for many reason, one of them being her birth was perhaps the first in India that was live tweeted :D

Below are the updates from my twitter time line from 3 am to 8.30 am on 25th July 09. (To be read in revers order)

  1. So should I go ahead and claim it to be india’s first ever birth on twitter? Live tweeting of arrival of vinayak snigdha’s baby Mishkah about 2 hours ago
  2. @girishmallya yep at least first india.. will put up th transcript on my blog. #livetweet about 5 hours ago from web in reply to girishmallya
  3. @fossiloflife @Harishk @rahulrrao @SiddharthPatel @harinathpv @StrikeMeGyllen Thank you all. will convey your congrats to them about 5 hours ago from web in reply to fossiloflife
  4. So I was live tweeting the birth of snigdha vinayak’s baby girl since 3 am last night till 8.30 this morning…you guys saw? about 5 hours ago from web
  5. I am signing out now about 10 hours ago
  6. Ok its a baby girl. Pls congratulate th proud parents @snigdha @lighttripper about 10 hours ago
  7. Vinayak’s mom getting impatient, but i’ll respect their privacy, Its their special moment about 10 hours ago
  8. They are yet to come out and tell us..boy or girl. Vince taking pics i can see flashes going about 10 hours ago
  9. And the baby is here i can hear it still dont know boy or girl. about 10 hours ago
  10. I can hear snigdha frm th labour room, she’s pushing.. Vinayak is also inside about 10 hours ago
  11. miracle of birth. We don kno wat color it’d b, wat sex, wud’t have large eyes or small watever it is 2 ppl wud love it more than their lives about 11 hours ago
  12. #Live tweeting birth of snigha vinayak’s baby from cradle nursing home about 11 hours ago
  13. She’s been staying strong so far, waiting for dr.Anuradha now. Am sitting outside labour room about 11 hours ago
  14. @Snigdha being taken to labour room, 7 cm dialated, baby shud come in couple of hours. Wish her luck. about 11 hours ago
  15. Contractions are happening every two mins for 60 seconds, it’ll go on like this 4 anothr 4-5 hrs it seems. about 14 hours ago
  16. And am talking about young men who live in delhi nt som villager about 14 hours ago
  17. Till date there are men who send their wives to parents 4 delivery. Its like go away with your mess come back with the baby, the pain is your’s, baby is mine about 14 hours ago
  18. Am feeling sleepy, with me also at the nursing home is vince’s mom. about 14 hours ago
  19. @satishkini ya true.. But its too much pain about 14 hours ago
  20. They just gave her anema, that thing is put up ur ass to clear your belly or something, she hates that but you gotta do what the doc says about 14 hours ago
  21. @fossiloflife could u get som sleep yet? When in cold lie on ur side instead of back, helps about 14 hours ago
  22. For those who came late, am #live tweeting th #birth of @snigdha @lighttripper‘s baby. about 14 hours ago
  23. Now she’s asking for sm pain relief, am thinking why women take this upon them? Just go 4 adoption no? about 14 hours ago
  24. Vince is telling her bout breathing tecnique they learnt at pre natal class, bt i don think she’s intrested about 14 hours ago
  25. Hungry am i. @having a britannia good day about 15 hours ago
  26. Sorry it should been 7 am in prev tweet about 15 hours ago
  27. Next check up at 7 pm, its gonna be a long wait. Vinayak is timing th contractios am writing them dwn about 15 hours ago
  28. Being made to change room as th AC of prev room wasn’t workin. Shudn’t they pre check these things? They charge so much. about 15 hours ago
  29. We’ve reached cradle nursing home, @snigdha‘s contraction started an hour ago about 15 hours ago
  30. we are off to bed, it will take about 4 to 5 hours for snigdha to start having contraction, gonna be a long and exciting day tomorrow. :) about 19 hours ago from web
  31. Sitting with @snigdha and @lighttripper he is googling side effects of artificial labour pain inducing..snigdha is about to do that about 19 hours ago
"I don't like this place, I was better inside"
“I don’t like this place, I was better inside”

Those who thought I was too crazy to have tweeted this  ‘private’ event (some people on the comment thread below) read this and open up your mind. Twitter’s founder Ev William’s wife tweets about her delivery too.