Rakhi Ka Swayamvar-2

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I am watching the final episode of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Blogging it live and also tweeting. At the end of it I would mention why I loved this only reality show so much. As of now just the live reporting via tv of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. (Read in reverse order from 11 to 1 and then read 12th onwards, sorry about the confusion)

Below is my twitter stream.

  1. watching the final episode of Rakhi’s Swayamvar, two brothers of Rakhi, Ravi and Ram are grilling th 3 grooms
  2. I watched t whole series for sole reason tht its an empowering matrimonial process 4 a woman, she is th ultimate decision maker.
  3. I took it as a show and just a show, i never thought is rakhi’s wedding, but I appreciate th messages it gave out.
  4. Even on mehendi, somone said, “Rakhi dont forget ur freinds like most women do after their wedding. Rakhi promised she wont forget, neither friends nor her work.
  5. Today’s episode is being Live telecast from Hotel Leela Kempenski in Mumbai btw.
  6. Rakhi is posting live comments on her facebook stauts update from the venue.
  7. Oh dear lord, she IS indeed looking stunning..
  8. correction in my prev tweet, rakhi isnt posting live comments, somebody on RKS page is doing it, that too isn’t live anymore. sorry 4 misinfo6 minutes ago from web
  9. @b50 I am with Manas, they wud make a more fun couple. But i suspect there’s a huge twist in th waiting, somthing to do with money.3 minutes ago from web in reply to b50
  10. Usually in these kind of reality shows there is always somthing to do with money, that wud be th big shocker in RKS
  11. The grooms are being given one final chance to speak their heart to Rakhi. Whatever they have in their mind.
  12. Manas’s mom can hardly speak she is getting so emotional.
  13. Rakhi says I know everybody is admiring me, more my jewelery than me and laughs. She always have to tell the truth.
  14. Looking at my twitter timeline, people who so vehemently dismissed the show earlier are all talking about it today. So who is the winner eh?
  15. Rashmi on twitter had to switch of TV for daughter’s school in morning but then she couldn’t resist the temptation to catch the show, so switched it back.
  16. She just tweeted this@rashmibansal Decided we can run for school bus tom. Switched TV back on.. :) 5 minutes ago from web
  17. I love the energy around the show. @b50 is the other person as excited as me, he too is live tweeting.
  18. @rashmibansal Yay way to go…i love the energy around this show, rakhi is a winner all the way :D @b50 8 minutes ago from web in reply to rashmibansal
  19. Sometime i feel Elesh is too good to be true, sometimes marrying these NRIs cud be a risky bet. #rks7 minutes ago from web
  20. Rakhi is saying prayers for jesus
  21. Rakhi and 3 of her friends, singing a prayer for jesus. She is a believer of Jesus
  22. everybody in the hall requested to stand up, varmala is being carried, rakhi says varmala is small.
  23. Rakhi says final words to the boys,all of you are my fav, i am really sorry if I cause heartbreak by not chosing one of you.
  24. Time has stopped on rakhi ka swayamvar
  25. rakhi is walking towards the boys wiath the varmala in hand..
  26. she just passed all of them without chosing anybody
  27. and now walking back stopping at each one of them, and again she didn’t pick anybody, says i hav decided to do swayamvar part 2, laughs
  28. And its Elesh… he gets the varmala
  29. Whoa..common guess..Elesh..thats it? Really? there is more i think. @b50 ?
  30. wow. this is good even though i was suspecting twist, i wudnt have been happy to see it. this is good simple honest. Congrats @rakhisawnat
  31. @rakhisawant good choice rakhi, congratulations to you and elesh.. Love for both of you
  32. Now, Rakhi has still not said I love you to elesh
  33. Now is the time, she is saying her feelings now, after Elesh once again said ILU to her along with som grt romantic lines.
  34. and she said it, “I love you too”
  35. Ring ceremony now
  36. Rakhi speaks to audience, “all those who came, all were good, but best was Elesh, he has all qualities to be my husband”
  37. “today we are getting engaged, we can marry too, but we both would need som time so today is the engagemnet”
  38. “We’d marry and we’d do it in front of you only” so is that the 2nd part that’s coming?
  39. the ring dont fit elesh.. hands had to be changed, from right to left.
  40. They’ve cut the cake..now taking aashirvad from people
  41. Ram asked both of them what r their POA next, what about the 7 pheras.. rakhi sings in between something arbit, while elesh tries to talk
  42. rakhi – well we hav seen each other only on camera, so we need more time to know in th real life, he only has seen me with makeup getup etc
  43. rakhi is so funny, says, kal main without make up pahunch gayi unke saamne and yeh bole “who are you” she did elesh’s impression.
  44. RT @b50 If there’s one guy who’s getting major gaand jalao now, it has to be Mika. Look who got the publicity in the end dude.
  45. @rakhisawant Rakhi, you are the winner all th way. I am very happy for you. Today everybody is talking about you, you’ve won.
  46. I can’t help smiling looking at my twitter time line, everybody is tweeting about her today. So try as u may, u cant’ ignore Rakhi Sawant
  47. At the end Ram said, whenever they would plan to take the saat pheras NDTV Imagine would be there to bring it to us the audience.

Twitter was bustling with Rakhi tweets today, she is the winner all the way. #Rakhi became a trending topic at no.8. Just proved that try as you may you can’t ignore Rakhi Sawant. But as always there are many who are judgmental about Rakhi and this show. I hate such kind of pretentious hypocritical judgmental people. I have been constantly fighting with all these people who speak ill of Rakhi and I feel tired already. I can guess how she must feel living every day of her life with so many people hating her.

Why do people hate her so much? Because she is unapologetic about who she is, she holds her ground in her pride and is not ashamed of being the real self unlike most of us who are hiding behind our masks. She can’t ass lick, she is annoyingly honest. Some people even has a problem with her inability to speak in English. They make fun of her accent. How narrow are these people?

The ohter day I fought with all such people who made fun of her accent. It is a mean heartless thing to make fun of anybody for any reason specially for their accent. Every body has funny accent, the south Indians have the Punjabis have the Biharis have the french, the spaniards, they all have funny accent, its a shame to make fun of people’s accent.

We all come with our queerness in some way or the other, some can be seen and heard some can’t, so we must learn to love and respect people and not judge them for some silly thing they have.

But look at the twitter time line and you’ll see people making stupid jokes about Rakhi Sawant. Some one said, “does Elesh know what is he getting into?” I felt like asking that person, did your boyfriend/husband/friends know what they were getting into. I mean who do you think you are that you pass such comments against Rakhi.

I get so angry, Rakhi has gone enough of shit in this life, can we please give her some love now, accept her for what she is and be happy for her that she got the success she wanted.

All the best to you Rakhi for everything ahead.