Happy Diwali

Originally uploaded by samyukta_basu

Gone are the days of fire works and crackers on Diwali, gone are the days when we used to wake all night up to have the Kali puja’s maha bhog.

This year we didn’t even buy phuljharis. But we got lots of candles and diyas. And we lit the earthen diyas in the traditional way with oil.

Things have changed for all of us. Sister and I are too grown up for crackers, we don’t have the time to do all those shopping.

But still our Diwali was nice and simple and well lit.

Wish happy Diwali to all my readers.


4 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

  1. Happy Diwali to you as well (though a little late). And guess what my Diwali was quite the same – no crackers, no bhog just diyas.


  2. Its good to have an eco-friendly diwali. I think a group should go around schools and explain to kids the evil aspects of bursting crakers. That way, we will make them aware of what it can do!


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