Its just crazy how many people are talking about the 3 Idiots v. Five Point Someone controversy on Twitter. Everytime I see every Tom Dick and Harry on Twitter discussing any of these matters as if they are some kind of subject matter expert it makes me laugh so hard that I almost end up peeing in my pants.

What a bunch of morons are them including me. Because I too spent some time reading up the zillion expert comments, even tried arguing against a few of them.

At these times twitter seems to me to be this really big mental asylum where all the retards are just going about blabbering something and no one is listening. In just half an hour I saw 20 morons tweeting the link to the original contract between Vidhu Vinodh Chopra and Chetan Bhagat 20 times. I mean guys, when one of you have already tweeted it why do you have this itch to again repeat the action? Do you know who repeats action? Retards!

And its not like these 20 don’t follow each other so they dont’ know that its already tweeted. Of course they do. Some of them are even better, they tweet the same link @ me advising me to read it up when I had already tweeted about the contract and what’s in there myself just 4-5 tweets back. I mean how difficult it is to just do a background check before sending out a blabber.

Seriously guys, just get a life. This is so not an issue that should take up so much of our mindspace. Enough said. STOP IT ALREADY. I can’t even look at my twitter stream right now makes me sick.

Below are my share of idiotness, my tweets on the subject #3idiots

  1. @AaruC But why do you all care? As @vimoh put it best, they are doing this on a purpose and we are serving them. we are the real idiots
  2. @Nobribe And ppl like us on Twitter are suckers of such controversy, now may the real idiots please stand up, stop tweeting bout #3idiots
  3. @Nobribe True @vimoh #3idiots
  4. @Nobribe exactly why dont they just go to a court and get it sorted instead of blame gaming
  5. So much shit around #3idiots makes me not want to see the film. people behind cute faces are so flimsy, whiny and unethical
  6. @Nobribe Exactly. Its so dumb to now say that it is not based on FPS when they already agreed so in the contract and also paid consideration
  7. Who is this 4th Idiot now, what kind of joke are these, people are way too vella here. #3idiots
  8. @teemus The whole drama is about not properly implementing what was agreed in the contract, isn’t it?
  9. @teemus I think that slide show is quite pointless, 3 Idiots is based upon FPS, there’s no argument about it, same is accepted in contract
  10. ok i have totally missed everything why are people calling Chetan Bhagat a liar? what did he say? #3idiots
  11. Yaar proper credit dene mein kya jaata.. bacche ka dil dukhana zaroori tha? A nice fun movie, bekaar mein some negativity around it #3idiots
  12. Catching up with #3iditos controversy, cant believe it became such a big issue. whole world knew from the day it was launched that its based on FPS