This weekend it is my Birthday. Read my previous Birthday posts – 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

10 am

No body called at mid-night this year. Of all the friends only Snigdha called so far. She asked if I am feeling any wiser and any more prudent with another year added to life. Good question. Well I am certainly less freaky this year about people not calling me to wish. I mean I care less because I understand that people are busy. Most friends have got married, had babies and have complicated their lives.

So ya may be I am wiser now, at least wise enough to not keep expectations from too many people. I know that as you go on in life quality takes over quantity, you have less friends but closer friends. Most people have a family, that’s all they need but some of them are Funsukh Wangdoo who live in Ladakh and teach children a different way of life. I will be the later one, the lady Funsukh Wangdoo.

Mom dad and sis had planned a little surprise, got me cake and flowers at midnight.

The cake from Wengers was just awesome and the flowers are beautiful.


I have been busy following the live tweets and live blog of the Breakthrough Anganwadi Event since morning, quite a few friends called to wish. Hundreds of wishes on Twitter, and the most prized amongst them is that from Gul Panag.

Right now  gearing for a typical Bengali birthday lunch extravaganza.

Updating this page through the day…keep watching.


People are calling, gtalking tweeting explaining why they couldn’t call earlier etc. My friends are thinking I am being sarcastic in this post where I said I understand that people are busy and they can’t always call.

Friends,  I am not being sarcastic, I genuinely understand :)  And for those who asked here is my new look, in really short hair.