This weekend it is my Birthday. Read my previous Birthday posts – 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

10 am

No body called at mid-night this year. Of all the friends only Snigdha called so far. She asked if I am feeling any wiser and any more prudent with another year added to life. Good question. Well I am certainly less freaky this year about people not calling me to wish. I mean I care less because I understand that people are busy. Most friends have got married, had babies and have complicated their lives.

So ya may be I am wiser now, at least wise enough to not keep expectations from too many people. I know that as you go on in life quality takes over quantity, you have less friends but closer friends. Most people have a family, that’s all they need but some of them are Funsukh Wangdoo who live in Ladakh and teach children a different way of life. I will be the later one, the lady Funsukh Wangdoo.

Mom dad and sis had planned a little surprise, got me cake and flowers at midnight.

The cake from Wengers was just awesome and the flowers are beautiful.


I have been busy following the live tweets and live blog of the Breakthrough Anganwadi Event since morning, quite a few friends called to wish. Hundreds of wishes on Twitter, and the most prized amongst them is that from Gul Panag.

Right now  gearing for a typical Bengali birthday lunch extravaganza.

Updating this page through the day…keep watching.


People are calling, gtalking tweeting explaining why they couldn’t call earlier etc. My friends are thinking I am being sarcastic in this post where I said I understand that people are busy and they can’t always call.

Friends,  I am not being sarcastic, I genuinely understand :)  And for those who asked here is my new look, in really short hair.


11 thoughts on “Birthday 2010 – Am I any wiser?

  1. hey girl….. its more practicle think like this and not hold gruges….

    remember one thing people treat other people the way they want to be treated….. i believe in this philosophy of my friend……


  2. You look cute in short hair! Wish you a Great Year ahead with loads of reasons to Smile n Succeed! :)

    Wish the Breakthrough Anganwadi Event kicks some sense into the simpletons.

    WOW! You got Gul Panag wishing you! No Celebs wish me :( ever.

    No flash in Cam? The pics have come dark.
    Cya soon in Bangalore.


  3. so finally you are wiser :-) I am still to send you that Card Board Crown with Chumki work. :-P
    BTW, do you remember those Alpha nail paints and Blue heaven lipsticks that we used to get as presents from our kangla friends?
    The hairstyle is very short more like class 1 Lady Irwin bengali girl’s summer vacation haircut. Do you remember those girls who would come to school with shaved head, hairbands and body covered with big boils due to excessive mango eating and then they would cover it up with lacto calamine lotion. Uff!!! such a freaky site.
    BTW, I was going through the comments (you are wiser right so you know who did I like reading the most :P)


  4. hey. did you read that Supreme Court verdict on Burqa Clad women not getting Voters ID card? Court said, if they are so sensitive about their religious sentiment they better not vote but ID cards can’t be made with Burqa on.


  5. Belated Happy Birthday

    You really understand that people are busy? Do you get used to that or would it be sad as years go by. You see I am planning to live a single life too and so far I think it is the wisest decision I took. But people tell me, years down the lane, when everyone gets busy, you will be allllllll alone. They are just trying to scare you rite?


  6. Cris, of course they are just trying to scare you. Nobody in the world can ever be sure of the future, what is the point of doing something today, so you will not be lonely tomorrow, I mean even if we marry and have kids and all what’s the guarantee that they will all be with me till my old age, who knows whether I myself will live that long or my family will live that long. So you be single if thats what you wanna be today…in old age you never know whats gonna happen


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