Right now, Happy Republic Day is trending at no.8 on Twitter. So is #HolyCrapBatman at no.6 and at no.1 is #thoughtsonthetoilet. You get the drift?

Certain enthusiastic patriot jumped up in joy and tweeted "Indians are dominating Twitter too, Happy Republic Day is trending."

"Of course it will trend, because Americans are sleeping otherwise something like ‘Yomama’ or ‘BitchDon’tLie’ would be trending." Pat came the answer.

Point is Republic Day Parade is quite a joke in today’s times. Over the last few years we have consistently deteriorated as a republic, human rights violation has been only on the rise, regional divide has got a face lift like never before, thanks to the rampant human rights violation in Maharashtra, the idea of one India is rapidly becoming a farce. Never before has there been so many naxal attacks in a year, so many caste and gender based violence, injustice is served faster and smoother than justice by the same people who are the guardians of justice.

Stories of Aruna,

As I watched the various tableau I couldn’t help being cynical. The Ministry of Agriculture tableau didn’t have any reference to the thousands and thousands of farmers committing suicide every year.

Ministry of Tribal Affairs tableau didn’t refer to the increasing Dalit atrocities. Dalit communities like ‘valmikis‘ are still fighting for the basic human right to be free from the forced labour of manual scavenging (which in layman’s language means picking up shit of upper caste people by hands) even as the tableau happily marched through Raj Path. One girl belonging to Valmiki community in Jammu and Kashmir speaking to CNN IBN said even if she has the required qualification she cannot apply for a state medical college as the state don’t recognize them as citizens and they are also not allowed to apply for SC certificate. The only work they are allowed to do is that of a safai karmchari (a sweeper)

I mean can you imagine? Something as heinous as manual scavenging still exist. I mean I feel like we should be painting our faces black in shame.

I wonder why the Woman and Child Ministry never have a tableau, at least I never saw one. They should use an event like Republic Day parade to spread some awareness, raise some concern. The list of gender based violence keeps increasing and we keep inventing new laws to tackle them but no body knows about the laws, those who know bend it to their benefit.

The Maharashtra tableau depicted the dabba wallahs of Mumbai and had a hindi song playing in the background. And I was surprised Raj Thackeray has still not raised an objection to it. I mean Maharashtra and Hindi song. A city where the cab drivers must speaking Marathi to be able to drive a cab. A city where people are beaten up because they can’t speak the local language. Even though the city thrives on film and fashion industry that purely operates in Hindi.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Here are some of my tweets.

29. Happy republic day fellow Indians..

28. Often around this time they come up with research showing young Indians don’t know difference between Independence day n Rep day.

27. I find that hard to believe, we all read it in history n civics book, it ws one of the most basic knowledge..how can they not know

26. Independence day 15 Aug 47is when th British left th county we became a free nation, 26th Jan 50 is wen we enacted the Indian Constitution.

25. Watching the Rep day parade, so much of fog, will they be able to see the parade at all

24. who is the chief guest this year? – Prime Minister of North Korea

23. Am not sure if Madam President can at all see the salutations, thanks to the fog

22. I thought boat race is something only done in Kerala, Manipur jhaanki had a boat race depicted

21. Kashi Visheshwara Temple, Karnataka Jhaanki

20. Sustainable use of natural resources in Meghalaya jhaanki

19. Tripura playing famous Bollywood music director SD Burman, he was born in the royal family of Tripura

18. Madam Mamata is clapping to the tunes of SD

17. There is a collage of all the films to which he gave music.. SD Burman

16. chattisgarh, natural erosion of limestone rock. Nice really nice

15. Kerala, whatever that song and dance was, had resemblence to oriental and naga culture. strange

14. Uttrakhand depicting Kumbh Ka Mela.. samudra manthan isn’t something that people wud get i think.

13. Cultural ministry.. nice, all kinds of musical instruments at display..

12. does anybody know who does all these preparations? choreography etc?

11. CPWD – depicting global warming, followed by Ministry of Power depicting the energy from hydro power

10. surprised the agriculture ministry didn’t have the bodies of the thousands of farmers who commit suicide every year

09. And Tribal Ministry dont refer to ethnic cleansing and caste based oppression

08 bravery award recipients are not riding elephant this year..

07. South Zone Cultural Center, Thanjavore performing Dolukolitha art

06. its an all girl group, dressed in green each carrying and beating drums #dolukolitha performance

05. this present performance is quite clichéd.. they do these kind of song n dance every year, think something diff ppl

04. ok that clichéd performance is depicting 2010 commonwealth games?

03. Its still foggy.. school children performing Aerobics for Peace, what on earth does that mean?

02. ok one kid just held up an ugly duckling named peace on her head

01. Folk dance from Sikkim Tamang Selo something

And then I lost interest.

Also, I hate the new Mile Sure Mera Tumhara song and video. It is so full of people from the glamour industry like no body else deserve to be there, every star is busy showing off themselves, there is no soul to it. In the earlier version they all came together in the end but this time they didn’t. which is obvious given that their sur so don’t match in real life. I mean for SRK and Salman Khan to be at the same set same time is a task. I don’t know how to explain, I simply hate it. In fact its a disaster, a catastrophic disaster.