I used to earlier vehemently protest every time my male friends made fun of women driving. There were always these popular sexist jokes on how women cannot drive and I always hated them. My argument have been, if women were bad drivers, how come we never hear a woman doing rash driving or drunk driving and killing people. We heard so many of these hit and run cases in Mumbai and Delhi but none of them were by a woman. Well now one girl has done that. Times Now reports

A drunk woman, driving a Honda CRV rammed first into a taxi, then a bike and finally into a police patrol car. The man riding the bike is now dead. Six people have been injured in this incident. One of the injured was a Mumbai Police cop, whose condition is said to be critical. The 27-year-old woman is now under arrest for the incident which took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The police man seriously injured has now died as reported on TV, so the death toll is 2. Now what does that prove?

Nothing except that women are just as equally reckless and irresponsible as men, they are capable of doing just the same mistakes, crimes and violence. At the same time this world is full of men who are compassionate and kind, men who are messengers of peace and non violence who have spent their lives in serving the man kind.

So the bigger point is that the stereotypes that “men are like this and women are like that” is wrong. What sex we have has got nothing to do with how we behave. Femininity, masculinity are gender constructs created by the society to set restrictions for men and women and set restricted role and responsibilities for them.

I am sure, this case is going to get picked up by TV media, all channels will now run debates, discussions, opinion polls, big fights, we the people etc and they will all give this incident a gender angle. They will ask questions like, is the urban Indian woman becoming reckless? Is financial independence and modern life style making women arrogant? But such questions if raised, will be absolutely uncalled for because this is just another drunk driving accident and the sex of the driver is immaterial. Period.


10 thoughts on “Drunk driving accident by a woman: changing face of urban Indian women?

  1. yours is a fair opinion… not shared by many.
    personally I agree with you.

    There will be debates, questions, doubts and some brainless brainstorming…… but no one will accept the truth.. as it is.

    only time can build that bridge


  2. That’s the travesty of our media as well as the society. What has drinking got to do with all the urbanization and financial independence ? Why has it *NOT* got to do with the responsibility that comes along with all the independence and social equity ?

    IMHO, this should be treated just like Sanjay Nanda. If you aren’t trying to be responsible for how much alcohol gets inside you, let the law make you feel really really bad about you being behind bars at least. Thats where the case should be closed and the media should shut up its mouth.


  3. The thing she has committed is a crime by any angel. Gender involved or not involved, its a straight case.

    But i dont agree this particular incident makes me think that indian women have urbanized, infact this has nothing to do with urbanism according to me.

    You are correct, this will become another bait for the reporters and they will start giving hazaar faltoo angles to the case, I doubt how much attention will the cop who lost his life get.


  4. My take:
    Its just a question of stats.. there were less female drivers compared to males, so the errors and accidents committed by females were even lesser. This coupled with the generic acceptance of females drivers being novice, most of the errors commited by females on road used to get ignored. That doesnt mean that they were not happening. The same dicotomy that refuses to accept existance of issues like incest in indian society also used to look away from female driver errors.. with the increased no. and media’s hunger for news now all these has started getting prominence. So in a way yest what you said is right.. but may be just a bit more twist exist !


  5. Strongly agree. This has nothing to do with Gender.

    It does have a lot to do with alcohol and alcohol abuse. Technically, everybody has the right to get drunk as long as they are not breaking any laws in the process.

    Unfortunately, it never plays out this way. Alcohol Alcohol abuse always has an impact on people other than the one drinking.

    The impact could be something as trivial as having to step over puddles of puke on Jan 1 along Brigade road in Bangalore. It could also be something far more serious like living in a neighbourhood where 1 out of three families have a alcoholic living in their midst.

    The issue that will be comfortably skirted by the media is the impact that alcohol is having on lives across the country. This is not about a drink here and there. This is about alcohol abuse.

    There are many cases of victims of drunk driving, unfortunately we hear of only the most interesting (read sensational) urban cases. The background of the driver, make of the vehicle and status of the victim all contribute to the interest that the media has in the story. I admit the blame for this lies partly with viewers. I do not know if this selective coverage is a good or a bad thing.

    For example, if this was a drunk lorry driver who had hit a scooter on road in rural India at a police check-post I doubt if it would have made it to twitter or the 8 o’clock news.

    The point I am trying to make is that we have reached a stage where the impacts of alcohol abuse are being felt at every level and the impact is cutting across all barriers – gender, social, economic, class, caste etc etc.

    As an issue this is something that merits serious investigative journalism. If we fall into the gender trap – we will see many more pre-mature obituaries for folks like Sub-Inspector Dinanath Shinde & Afzal Kanojia. And it won’t be related to driving alone.


  6. Very well said Anand, particularly liked what you said about what kind of accidents get picked up by media. Couldn’t agree more with you on the alcohol abuse problem, coz it also adds to domestic violence. There has to be a serious way to tackle the problem.


  7. Just Yesyerday It Was In The Papers About How The Accident Left The Familf Of The Biker High N Dry Wheras The Fther Of The Girl(Driver) Insists The Accident Happened Due To tyre Burst


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