I used to earlier vehemently protest every time my male friends made fun of women driving. There were always these popular sexist jokes on how women cannot drive and I always hated them. My argument have been, if women were bad drivers, how come we never hear a woman doing rash driving or drunk driving and killing people. We heard so many of these hit and run cases in Mumbai and Delhi but none of them were by a woman. Well now one girl has done that. Times Now reports

A drunk woman, driving a Honda CRV rammed first into a taxi, then a bike and finally into a police patrol car. The man riding the bike is now dead. Six people have been injured in this incident. One of the injured was a Mumbai Police cop, whose condition is said to be critical. The 27-year-old woman is now under arrest for the incident which took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The police man seriously injured has now died as reported on TV, so the death toll is 2. Now what does that prove?

Nothing except that women are just as equally reckless and irresponsible as men, they are capable of doing just the same mistakes, crimes and violence. At the same time this world is full of men who are compassionate and kind, men who are messengers of peace and non violence who have spent their lives in serving the man kind.

So the bigger point is that the stereotypes that “men are like this and women are like that” is wrong. What sex we have has got nothing to do with how we behave. Femininity, masculinity are gender constructs created by the society to set restrictions for men and women and set restricted role and responsibilities for them.

I am sure, this case is going to get picked up by TV media, all channels will now run debates, discussions, opinion polls, big fights, we the people etc and they will all give this incident a gender angle. They will ask questions like, is the urban Indian woman becoming reckless? Is financial independence and modern life style making women arrogant? But such questions if raised, will be absolutely uncalled for because this is just another drunk driving accident and the sex of the driver is immaterial. Period.