Frequency of post on this blog has gone down so miserably because too many people are now reading it. It has always remained a personal blog where I used to write all my deepest feelings. But not any more.

Now, recently I went out on a date. Like a proper date.

The most obvious thing to do after that is to tell people via this blog, how it went, how I feel about the guy and how are things shaping. But I can’t do so cause he will read it. He is everywhere, on blog, twitter, facebook. This is exactly what I always wanted, that my man should be on social media. Now I can’t write my blog because it will be information overload for him.

So the other day I wrote this long post but didn’t publish it, kept it in the draft folder. I’l however share just a small excerpt from that post:

There may be some confusion in my head about what I want, but this I know, that there is no confusion about what I can give. I have lots of love and care to give. It has been too long walking alone and searching, every bit of me now wants to be with someone. I want to be in love, I want to wake up next to someone on a lazy weekend and then get wasted lying in his arms for the rest of the day. It has been too long that I lived my life the way I want to, now I want to let someone control my life, take care of me, tell me what’s good and bad for me, be concerned about me. I want to commit myself.

Does that mean I want a marriage? I am not sure about that, only time will be able to tell. But why should love be contingent upon marriage? Why do we start thinking of marriage automatically.”

That will be all for now. Someday may be I will share more.

On my more serious writing, there is the much awaited article on Hijab now published on Bell Bajao Blog. Do check that out and comment. Much talked about Hijab – Still a sign of oppression

Burqa clad women in a sea beach in Mangalore. Photo by Sanjukta Basu

A photo I took in context of that article