My dreams are getting Bizarre by the day. I dream every night, never have a sound sleep and usually wake up with a strange feeling. Sometimes I can remember them, sometimes I don’t, if they were too strong and bizarre I write them down. This was last night’s dream.

To set the context: I Went to bed at 5 after watching Changeling for the second time.

Sequence of the various scenes just as they appeared in my dream:

A typical scene from a natural disaster or unnatural forces film – I am standing along with many other people, the earth suddenly start shaking, I see buildings in front of me start moving, the shaking increases and we all began to scream and shout . I hear myself saying, Oh my God, Oh my God so many times and I had the fear of the earth coming to an end right here right now. I can’t remember where my family was; as the fear grew I woke up.

I slept off again and started the second part of the dream

I have to do some kind of show, as part of the show we have to prepare the animals. Tiger, elephant, monkeys and some more animals.

The dream is slipping out of my head even as I type but I am trying my best.

I am getting ready, there are other people too who are doing the arrangements with me. The animals are all prepared one by one and dispatched in respective cages to some place – we then follow to the same place in an aeroplane.

Some time lapse

Now the same show again this time the place where I have to go is disconnected from Delhi because of the above mentioned disaster that I saw in the first part. Flights are all cancelled, phone lines jammed there is no connection between two cities. I realize my father is stuck in that other city.

The responsibility of doing the show is now on me alone there is nobody else to help me.

I decided I would only prepare 3 animals out of the many we usually do. I prepared the tiger, the elephant and one monkey. All this time I was doing the preparation I was extremely nervous and scared to do it all alone.

I panicked and panicked some more, the scenes of panic were all very dark.

I prepare the animals one by one, first the tiger, then the elephant and then another animal but not monkey, I forgot now which one was that. Suddenly I see my boss waltzing into the scene, she says, “Hi Sanjukta in her typical style” I say hi, and then I tell her that I am nervous about the task. She asked why and I said because last time there were experienced people working with me on this, this time I am all alone. She asked me to not worry about it at all and then she was gone.

I am now all set to go. At this point I find another girl to help me with things. I delegated preparing some of the animals to her.

Somebody from somewhere comes and tells me do you know it’s below 3 degree temperature in that city. The world was freezing because of the unnatural disaster.

I see myself finding out some winter clothes but they stank.

I was heading for the airport to catch the flight. I was late and was nervous I will miss the flight.

I don’t miss it. I reach the place where there were many people. I hoped to find dad there but dad usually doesn’t carry a cell phone and the network were jammed anyway.

As I write these I think I am able to recall mom too in my dreams. May be she helped me before going to the place.

What I was thinking all this while to be a show or some other visual activity turned out to be an exam sort. I gave the exam. To the examiner I said my name is misspelt on the papers. She corrects them.

Some girl came from somewhere and introduced me to a man of importance. I can’t remember who and what he was.

The anxiety about the show/exam had now ended however there loomed a greater fear of the world coming to an end, the earth moving, and temperature falling.

I was leaving the place I was. Time not by flight but in the car, I was driving. I had only left the venue like 5 min back when I told myself, “how stupid, flights are all cancelled but Dad can come back home with me in this car.

To pick dad I take a U turn.

I woke up at the U turn.


Last week, I saw another strange dream. Strange not by the content of it in the dream world but by its relation with real world.

3-4 people, doing some kind of activity. May be dad was there too, or may be not. I can’t remember now. Some men were there, most of them were friends. The dream started with a large water body, perhaps a swimming pool. Then there were many commotion around water but I can’t remember them properly.

What I do strongly remember was that I saw romantic and passionate moments with a man, who I actually know in real life but really don’t like much. There was an element of I and him trying to pretend or hide something. The scene had a bed, a room a water body. There was a third person who entered the room, this man and me was suddenly taken aback and we quickly wanted to run and hide. What he decides to do was to lie down on bed pretending to sleep. Unable to understand anything I do the same.

Next thing I know, the third person was gone and I and him, because of our physical closeness get carried away and start kissing each other and enter into a strong embrace.

The kiss got more passionate, his hands started running through my face to breasts to waistline…the dream turned more steamy…

At this point I woke up.

I clearly remember the face, it was somebody I know in real life through my blogging activities, somebody I absolutely have no attractions for. I have no clue how did he get into my dream. I woke up feeling good about the passion and romance and then went, “what the fuck? Why him of all the people”

The human mind is so crazy, here I am dreaming about someone I don’t really like and he obviously doesn’t have a clue.