The Dubliners
The Dubliners

Most often listening to music becomes a task for me rather than an act of relaxation. When I really like a song a lot, I don’t stop at just listening to and liking it. I explore the song, Google for the lyrics to read and understand. Then I Google about the history of the song, when and who first wrote it, how many versions have been made, what were / was the inspiration for the song writer, and more such questions cloud my mind and I only rest after having obtained as many answers as I can find from dear Google.

Here’s yet another song of the above kind once again from the Irish band The Dublinerscalled ‘Whiskey In the Jar’

The song is actually an Irish folk song and the exact origin of it is not known. The Dubliners were the first band to record the song and it remains one of their best work till date. The track is also one of the greatest Irish pub songs often found in celtic compilation albums.

I found 3 versions of the song all recorded after the present one by ‘The Dubliners’

A Soft Rock version is done by Grateful Dead

A hard rock version is done by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. They even got a Grammy for this song.

And finally a brilliant metal version by none other than Metallica

While I like the original version the most, I am completely bowled over by the Metallica version, for the edge it and the video which is all about lesbian mayhem in a house party, perhaps keeping in tune with the central theme of the song which is a woman who creates wreck.