I have seen many misogynist, sexist and homophobic TV commercials but this one is the most disgusting of them all. First of all the idea of “smell like a man” is lifted from the recently popular Old Spice TVC. So there, absolutely uncreative and unethical advertisement. Secondly it has all the derogatory treatment one can possibly imagine. The mockery of a South Indian accent makes it racist. Then its misogynist and homophobic.

Exactly in what mind do the makers of such ads come up with such non-sense. When will they understand that such derogatory treatment to women or queer people will no longer be tolerated. Just as you cannot make fun of somebody’s religion, class or caste, you are not allowed to make fun of sexuality or gender types. It is time to change the perception of what is being a man.

When they make a movie called “Billu Barber” an entire community stands up and starts protesting because of the mere use of the word ‘barber.’ Why don’t we see the same reaction from the Queer community or feminist community?

It is time we stop being passive about the fun and ridicule meted out to us. Let us speak up and demand an apology from the makers of such stupid ads. They cannot simply get away after making such derogatory commercials.

I urge the queer and feminist communities to shame the makers of this ad and also demand an apology. Please make your opinion heard in the comments section below.

Below is the details of the ad makers:

Creative agency: Meridian Communications
Group creative director: Ajay Gahlaut
Creative director (Copy): Krishna Mani
Associate creative director (Art): Pulak Bisht

Account management
Vice president – client services: Dip Sengupta
Management supervisor: Abhishek Sen
Account executive: Anahita Brar

Production house: Soda Films
Director: Rajesh Krishnan

[Source: Campaign India]