I have seen many misogynist, sexist and homophobic TV commercials but this one is the most disgusting of them all. First of all the idea of “smell like a man” is lifted from the recently popular Old Spice TVC. So there, absolutely uncreative and unethical advertisement. Secondly it has all the derogatory treatment one can possibly imagine. The mockery of a South Indian accent makes it racist. Then its misogynist and homophobic.

Exactly in what mind do the makers of such ads come up with such non-sense. When will they understand that such derogatory treatment to women or queer people will no longer be tolerated. Just as you cannot make fun of somebody’s religion, class or caste, you are not allowed to make fun of sexuality or gender types. It is time to change the perception of what is being a man.

When they make a movie called “Billu Barber” an entire community stands up and starts protesting because of the mere use of the word ‘barber.’ Why don’t we see the same reaction from the Queer community or feminist community?

It is time we stop being passive about the fun and ridicule meted out to us. Let us speak up and demand an apology from the makers of such stupid ads. They cannot simply get away after making such derogatory commercials.

I urge the queer and feminist communities to shame the makers of this ad and also demand an apology. Please make your opinion heard in the comments section below.

Below is the details of the ad makers:

Creative agency: Meridian Communications
Group creative director: Ajay Gahlaut
Creative director (Copy): Krishna Mani
Associate creative director (Art): Pulak Bisht

Account management
Vice president – client services: Dip Sengupta
Management supervisor: Abhishek Sen
Account executive: Anahita Brar

Production house: Soda Films
Director: Rajesh Krishnan

[Source: Campaign India]


8 thoughts on “Demand an apology from makers of Wild Stone Talc TV commercial for being misogynist and homophobic

  1. I’m not sure why you’re getting all up in arms against this advertisement. This is the first time I’m seeing it and, to be honest, I found it borderline funny (and oh boy, so damned true). Let’s look at your points one at a time.

    1. The Mockery of the South Indian Accent: If making fun of an accent is a wrong, you can drag every stand up comedian out there in this world (and a LOT of other people) to the gallows immediately. Mocking accents is one of the oldest forms of humor and there is nothing racist about it. I “imitate” accents all the time. We all do. It’s okay. Really.

    2. Misogyny: This commercial is misogynistic how? What it says is “Men, don’t act like women for fuck’s sake!” Very. Good. Advice. Now you might disagree with that (being the correct advice to give men) but I don’t see how you can call it “misogynistic”. If I said to my male friend, “Hey dude! That top makes you look totally like a girl! Get rid of it.” Misogynist? No.

    3. Homophobic: While there is for sure a hint of “homosexuality is not what god intended”, I think it’s a huge stretch to call this commercial homophobic. I actually had to take a second look through just to try and figure out why you might think it is, but no, I couldn’t come up with anything valid. You want to explain?

    Ultimately, just because some idiots get all agitated about a movie that contains the name of their profession or whatever is used in it, that doesn’t mean you should as well. To me the, “if they did it, surely it must be right and we should be doing it as well” argument is so terrible I don’t even want to argue it.


  2. I am appalled by the ad. is this how you sell any product — by macabre mockery of us gay people in public like this? How do you expect people to change their views about people who are not like them and thus open us to ridicule.
    That this is happening in Bengal makes it more distressing as we always believed that Bengal is the more progressive of the other States in India.
    Extremely upset and urging you to apologize for this disgraceful attempt at caricaturization and stereotyping of sexual minorities. .


  3. Sheesh – lighten up! Find yourself a sense of humor!

    That was a hilarious ad. Well made, self-aware, and very funny. It’s obvious the ad didn’t take itself very seriously. There’s no reason you should.


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