Malaysia is a Muslim majority country and homosexuality is still considered a crime, sodomy being punishable with 20 years of imprisonment. Films in Malaysia are required to pass through the Government censor board and are not allowed to depict sex scenes, even a kiss is not allowed. But now for the first time a woman film maker, Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman, has made a gay themed movie and the good part is that the film has been allowed by the censor board.

This may seem to be a great breakthrough, but it really isn’t because according to the Malaysian censorship guidelines, showing homosexuality has recently been allowed so long the gay charecters are shown to repent or end tragically in the film.

Thus the film “Dalam Botol” (In a bottle) is a tragic love story between two men, quite on the lines of “Brokeback Mountain

Perhaps its time for Malaysia for a change.

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