18th December, 12.10 pm

In about an hour or so, I will go to the Dwarika Telephone Exchange Building, Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi to file this written complaint with the Dwarka and Najafgarh Area Manager Mr. KK Rawat. I will be maintaining this live-blog to update you with the outcome of this complaint.


Date: 18th December 2010

The Area Manager

MTNL Broadband internet

Dwarka, New Delhi

Sub: Complaint related to broadband internet connection not attended for 14 days

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am the resident of Flat no. 324, Sector 3 Pocket 1 and 2, Dwarka. I am using broadband internet connection at my home with phone number 011 25087693 which is in the name of my father Mr. PK Basu

There is no internet connection at my place as the modem is defective. There is no light on the modem except the power light. I have lodged several complaints in this regard from 6th December onwards but no one has attended the complaint. As per records obtained from customer care 1504:

  • 6th December – complaint registered for first time
  • 11th December – Follow up complaint registered with 1504
  • 13th December – Follow up complaint registered with 1504
  • 15th December – Follow up complaint registered with 1504

Nobody has visited the home till date

I am now lodging this written complaint with you, hoping you will not only see that the complaint is attended within today but also take proper action as to why it is taking so long for this complaint to be attended.

Please also let me know the procedure for filing a Right to Information application to find answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the maximum time period for which a complaint can be kept in pending status without attending?
  2. What procedure is required to be followed when complaint are kept pending beyond prescribed period?
  3. What action is required to be taken by area manager when a written complaint is filed by a customer?

This is also not the first time that I have had to make personal visit to Dwarka exchange to make someone attend the complaint. In today’s age of communication and consumerism, it is not acceptable if MTNL is not able to keep up with the private service providers with regard to attending complaints. It is not acceptable that a complaint is not attended for 14 days without any due explanation.

Please do something so that we consumers can keep our faith in MTNL’s service and are not prompted to shift to AIRTEL or some other service.

Thanking you


Sanjukta Basu