[Excerpts from a book I am writing]
[Part of the Manoshi’s story thread]

“Always bid strong goodbyes. Don’t stand and stare. Just say goodbye, give a hug and leave.” Prithvi would always say to Manoshi.

But this morning’s goodbye was rather long. They had spent the whole of yesterday’s evening, night and this morning with each other and the purpose of their meeting was to bid goodbye.

Finally, after saying bye to Prithvi, with moist eyes, heavy heart but lighter mind Manoshi got into her car and started to take it out of the parking. She had just put it on back gear and looked up at the rear view mirror when she saw Prithvi in the mirror, walking back towards her car. She shifted the gear back to neutral and rolled down the window glass and wondered why was he coming back.

Prithvi had a sheepish smile on his face. He came close to the window, extended his hands inside and pulled Manoshi towards him and kissed her on the lips.

“He came back to kiss me goodbye for one last time, like it happens in movies!” She thought.

She kept looking at the window where Prithvi stood. He still had that sheepish smile. He was aware that the way he came back was a lot like the last scene of a romantic movie with a happy ending, where the hero finally realizes his love for the heroine and comes back to confess it with a kiss.

But this wasn’t a movie. This was Manoshi once again slipping into a flash dream with her eyes open.

“My books” Prithvi said, breaking her flash dream.

Prithvi had kept his books in the dashboard of her car the previous night. He came back to take them. “Baby, my Books,” Prithvi asked again.

Manoshi blinked, gave an embarrassed smile and took out the books and handed them over.

Prithvi helped her take out the car from the parking. Gave her directions and watched her back. Once it was out of the parking, Manoshi didn’t spend anymore time there, she just drove away while a smiling Prithvi with a flying kiss thrown at her faded away on the rear view mirror.

For many days after this, every time Manoshi looked at the rear view mirror she saw Prithvi’s mesmerizing smile and the flying kiss.