Article – Professional networking is new social platform rage

Dated 7th Aug 2011

My views:

“Sanjukta Basu, a social media consultant, seeks to explain this increasing shift in interest to professional networking. “Social networking started off as a fun activity. Soon people began realising its potential in swaying mass opinion and they started exploring it to promote their own interests. Networking through such platforms helps to showcase yourself better, plus you can publicise your knowledge on a particular subject by way of daily conversation. What LinkedIn started, is now being dissipated to your regular social networks.”

Article: Twitter’s censorship policy is a clever survival game

Date: 5th Feb 2012

My views:

Social media analyst Sanjukta Basu concurs and adds, “From a philosophical point of view, the uproar against the new policy is legitimate (in broad terms) as it is essentially pro-censorship. But considering the choices Twitter has and the pressure it is facing, I would say it is actually handling it all quite cleverly.”

Basu says, “In hindsight, it is actually a better policy than what they previously had – of removing a tweet globally. The idea of Twitter is not just to let people communicate freely but also let the world know what is going on. In a way, the new policy will still serve the revolutionary power of Twitter.

Article: Event based live blogging is good for a company’s profile

Date 27 March 2011

My views:

According to Sanjukta Basu, the founder of Samyukta Media, another social media consultancy, until a few years ago, organisations had no option but to upload pictures and reports of their events after they were over. “By then, the event loses its significance. Live blogging, on the other hand, creates a lot of buzz. Not only do the participants read the blog; there is also a lot of spontaneous feedback,” says Basu. Her Delhi-based company is the first in the city to offer live blogging as a service. Recently, Basu was hired to blog live for the India Social Summit and the 11th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit-2011 (DSDS) that was organised by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute). “While live blogging one needs to be precise and crisp. To make it more interesting, one should be quick enough to click photographs of the event and upload them immediately,” says Basu.

Live Blogging allows organisations to broadcast events as they are happening, with the minutest of details.

Article: Twitter Celebs turn to UTV to earn while they tweet

Date: 18 Dec 2011

My views:

While some followers may cringe and even unfollow these celebrities after such open endorsement, many others would delightfully retweet the promotions their idols have so publicly advertised. Social media consultant, Sanjukta Basu agrees and adds, “A lot of followers may be disappointed, but for someone who has say, 50,000 followers, a mere 500 unfollowing them will not make a big difference to their Twitter profiles.” She thinks that this phenomenon is not very different from advertisements on other media. “We have celebs endorsing products on all types of media, from TV commercials to print ads. Then why not on Twitter?” She says, “While such Twitter endorsements may garner a large number of followers, whether or not it ultimately translates into business for these brands, remains to be seen.” Till then, let’s retweet those sponsored tweets and hope that we can earn some dollars too!