Self styled censorship and moral policing on TV just boils my blood.

The other day they censored the word ‘sex’ and blurred out a woman’s cleavage in the film Queen.

On VH1 they routinely censor the most harmless everyday language and scenes. In a song by Maroon 5 (Maps) they blurred out the face of an accident victim.

maroon 5 maps face of accident victim

In another song by Meghan Trainor (All about that Bass) they censored the word ‘Booty.’ But on Bollywood music channels they have no qualms in playing the song ‘Punjabiyan di Tooh’ (from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein). Tooh and Booty means the same thing – HIPS.

Worst thing is both in the film Queen and the song by Meghan Trainor the words ‘sex’ and ‘booty’ were used in very important context that gives out a positive message to women. Censoring these words ruins the context. While the Tooh song is nothing but cheap vulgarity, with words like ‘gore gore (fair fair) naughty naughty tooh, shake that tooh’

We are a nation that celebrates a man like Honey Singh, who sings about the pleasures of raping and beating a woman. But we censor the word sex in a strong women oriented film.

Where is our sensibilities? With this level of misplaced censorship what kind of conscience building are we doing for our children? What is this bias against English language entertainment when clearly entertainment is more crass and cheap as it gets local.

When we were young we were told English films are adult films, they got lip to lip kiss. You couldn’t say it in public that you watched and enjoyed a Hollywood film because they’ll call you dirty minded.

The silly phobia of the west.

I honestly want to find out what laws and regulations govern the private entertainment channels, because clearly they go far beyond the Censor Board in their enthusiasm to censor creativity. While the Board is going easy on films these days, censorship on TV is just mindless.