Time for us to introspect where is our own country headed with religions extremism?

The cold blooded killing of 100s of innocent children in Peshawar by the Taliban terrorists is a grim reminder of what happens when religion fucks up the mind. Religion is a great thing to have, like a penis. Great to be proud of it, but do not take it out in public and shove it down other people’s throat. Keep your religion within your pants. Its a personal matter, keep it that way, do not bring it in politics and governance matters.

The lesson India need to learn today is to nip faith based extremism of all kinds at the bud.

And I say all faith be it Hindu, Muslim, Christianity or XYZ. Particularly the Hindutva forces have been suddenly emboldened and are posing a tremendous threat to our nation’s peace and stability. We must stop Hindutva forces from interfering with governance, politics, law and order and personal liberties in the name of religion and culture. If we allow them to grow, they will destroy this nation and its greatness, nobody would be spared, the country would disintegrate into thousands of pieces and there would be bloodshed all around in which people of all religion would die.

We don’t need any Hindu Rashtra or Islamic Sate or any other Holy land in any part of the world. We need a democratic secular nation. India today should stand united against hatred, religions sectarianism and polarization for Hinduisms own good of not anything else. The Hindutva forces should be shown their place, and asked to either behave according to the Constitution or face a ban.

Young people who believed in Modi’s development agenda and voted for him in spite of his horrid inefficiency as an administrator during 2002 Godhra riots, must question their leader today, what is his stand on the Hindutva agenda? Does he support all that is happening? Why is he silent when the nation is grappling with one or other form of religious bigotry, hate mongering, attacks on minority rights, and religious freedom. He must reveal his true agenda… Was it development or was it Hindu Rashtra? People of India don’t give a damn about Hindutva, they voted for development, growth, jobs, Make in India, Smart City, Good Governance etc.. None of these can be achieved by religious extremism so why is religion being aggressively shoved down everybody’s throat?

Over the last 6 months, all we have got is insipid haters making violent attacks on minority rights. Ghar Wapsi; Love Jihad; misappropriation of Christmas Day; Glorification of Nathuram Godse, the original coward terrorist; Attempt to call a religious text as national book thereby attacking the secular mandate of the Constitution; Open threats and abuses to minorities – ARE THESE THE REAL HIDDEN AGENDA OF THE MODI GOVERNMENT? If not, then why is Modi silent on all these matters? When would enough be enough for him? Silence over serious matter was the greatest flaw of our previous PM. Is Modi following the same path? Are these matters not serious enough deserving a response from him?

If India doesn’t stand united against the Hintuva forces today, if we don’t uphold the secular fabric guaranteed by the Constitution, tomorrow these would turn into terrorists and India would be pushed into the same hell where Pakistan today is. It always starts in the name of this or that religion but in the end, terrorism has no religion, they will kill people of all religion indiscriminately. If we don’t want to see a Taliban like terrorism in our country, we MUST STOP HINDUTVA FORCES TODAY by making the BJP government answerable.

The kind of unabashed hatred and attack on minority rights, including those of women of both religion, we have seen in last 6 months, we haven’t seen in over 60 years of independence. Reports of consenting adults forcefully separated by use of threat and violence by Hindutva forces; forcing a woman to register false case of rape against minority community man just to make false propaganda of love jihad; mass deceitful conversion of Christians and Muslims by luring them with money, BPL Card etc; gut wrenching insipid talk of ‘Bahu lao, Beti bachao’ by Bajrang dal, in which they refer to women as though they are some inanimate objects, “Bring them and make them Hindu” sends chills down our spine; VHP man Togadia claiming that entire world including Arabia, Russia and Africa was Hindu Rasthra, Hindus should cut off heads of Gaddar – the list is endless.  We have to introspect, where from are these bigots suddenly getting their power? What has made them suddenly raise their ugly heads from the gutters? Who is fanning them?      .

BJP supporters must ask these questions to their leader Mr. Modi and he better have some good answers. If he says that #acchedin would take a while to come, meanwhile let’s bring Hindutva, then he better be warned that people of India won’t be fooled. If he cannot deliver development, he better pack his bags. We do have another candidate, whom we can bring either on merits or on our anti incumbency sentiments – The Muffler Man.