Around 7 years ago I stumbled upon, for the first time, an unimportant never heard before film critique called Raja Sen on Rediff. It was his review of Taare Zameen Par and it made me furious. I found him being nasty and nitpicky to a film as good as TZP just for the heck of it. So I wrote my own counter review tearing apart his review point by point. My counter review gain my blog a lot of traffic and following but I never could fully convince people that Mr. Raja Sen is just wrong in his reviews which only increased my frustration.

I decided to never read this stupid man’s reviews ever. But I did secretly follow his career growth.

Over time Raja Sen became famous and respected as one of India’s cruelest film critique with a niche following of his own. He maintained his tough hand, rarely appreciating a film fully and rarely gave a film anything above 3 stars. I found this rude and nitpicking, his fans called it being objective and unbiased.

Promos of Aamir’s latest film PK did not appeal much to me. I have not yet seen the film (thanks to my broken foot) but from the promos, these Munna Bhai or 3 Idiots type of feel good films don’t interest me anymore. In fact I never liked 3 Idiots the other Raju Hirani Aamir Khan masterpiece. As a loyal earnest Aamir fan, I want to see him in more dark and intense films. At the start of his career he did Raakh, its sad that so many years passed by and he never went back to that level of dark. (And no Ghajini was not dark)

So, going by the promos of PK, I thought something that barely appealed to me, would not appeal to the tough critiques. But lo and behold, in his latest review of Aamir Khan’s PK, none other than Raja Sen gave the film 4 stars.

Four effing stars! That’s like 400 stars for an ordinary reviewers. This cruel critique gave Taare Zameen Par 3 stars, and 3 Idiots managed to get 2 stars from his kitty. That puts things in perspective.

So that would suffice as a review, need we say any more? Go for it people. Go for PK.

PS. Like I said I haven’t seen the film, but my guess is, its not that simplistic as I thought it to be, there must be a good reason why its getting such rave reviews.