Today I find a deep emotional and personal connect with Arvind Kejriwal and therefore I stand with him.

I have been through this exact kind of situation in my life and have faced the same allegations that Kejriwal is being charged with. I had once started a business start up with a great idea and vision. About a year later, two of my friends whom I had known for over 20 years, who have been like family joined me as equal partners. I agreed to take them on board as equal partners only out of our long standing friendship ignoring the fact that they had zero knowledge of the business we were in (It was a social media start up and one of them didn’t even know how to Google).

Soon I realized it was a terrible mistake. You should never get into an equal partnership with people who are not equal in the business. They knew nothing of the technology or business and I had to train them everything from A-Z. Consequently I assumed a de-facto position of the leader or boss as they would like to call it. Soon, they started alleging me for being authoritative. And they were right, I was authoritative and decisive. The start up was my baby and I was not ready to let anybody dilute my ambitions and visions in the name of democracy or friendship and sheer ignorance. I knew it was difficult for my friends cum partners to accept me as their boss but still I expected them to have trust in me and remain loyal to the idea.

But what did I find, that they back stabbed me, secretly aligned with our clients and changed passwords of client accounts behind my back and then quit. They said that things like “What is the big deal if she can do it (social media consultancy) we can too, it is no rocket science. She owes it to us, we brought her clients, we helped build this business, she would be nothing without us.” It was their huge ignorant arrogant ego speaking.

In retaliation I used the power in my hand and ruthlessly crushed them. Friends of 20 years turned into foul mouthed enemies overnight, threatening me with police and courts. Through the ordeal I remained silent. While they called all other friends in the circle trying to incite them against me I spoke to none. Today is the first time I am writing about this on my blog or anywhere else. Today I have no regrets or sympathies for them. I think they were good riddance. My baby Samyukta Media went into a coma because of their ego and betrayal but I would revive it someday.

Great things are not achieved by naively dancing and signing in the name of democracy unaware of the tricks of the trade. Every ship needs a captain, and only one captain, and the crew must lay unquestionable faith in that captain. If the worst comes, the captain will ask you to ‘abandon ship’, but till then, have patience. If you abandon ship just out of the apprehension that captain might make mistake, then you are a coward and a traitor.

I have no sympathies for the ruthlessness shown to Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav today at the National Executive Council Meeting. I do have deep respect for both Yadav and Bhushan for the knowledge and wisdom they have but being great at your work is not the same as being above ego.

I am sure their allegations against Kejriwal have enough weight, they probably have enough reasons to apprehend that Kejriwal is turning into a dictator. But their public attack against the party they co-founded because they have problem with its leader is not acceptable to me. They should have given it some more time. Their eagerness to wash dirty laundry in public, to play the victim and indulge into chest beating, making every email public, writing open letters, trying so hard to prove to the public that they are holier than Kejriwal is only revealing their own pettiness.

The stings being done on Kejriwal are also self-revealing. I am not ready to judge Arvind Kejriwal on the basis of something he said in the heat of the moment, out of anger, privately to a confidante without knowing his voice was being recorded. We all use bad language in private when we are angry. These stings prove nothing against Kejriwal, except that everybody in his team is a scheming opportunist who cannot be trusted. He thought he has friends, supporters and workers in the party, but in truth, they are just conniving back stabbers who were waiting for an opportunity to hold the party and its reputation in ransom. If anything, Kejriwal should be suing these people for breach of privacy.

Aam Aadmi Party today is the victim of two of its founding member’s inability to accept Kejriwal’s authority. If this affects the reputation of the party, I would blame no one else but Bhushan and Yadav.

But hopefully, the captain of this ship will safely sail through this storm. I still have great hopes from this party and I would wait 5 years before judging it.