I had the most annoying gender discriminatory experience at the PVR Saket Cinema yesterday. The security guards there won’t let me in with my backpack (laptop bag without laptop) because its not a ladies bag.

“But you do allow one hand bag don’t you?” I asked.
“Yes Mam, one ladies bag allowed. Not this bag.” The female guard replied.
“But this is my bag, I carry my personal item in this. See, here my medicine, makeup, sanitary pads.” And I pulled out a pack of Whisper.

The female guard took a few steps back in shock as if I had pulled out a bomb, one of the two male guards looked away in utter embarrassment and the other rushed out of the scene to call the manager.

The manager came 5 minutes later, perhaps duly informed about my stunt. At first he said the usual, “Mam this type of bag is not allowed, only ladies hand bag is allowed.” I repeated my earlier statement, and as I was about to repeat my stunt, the manager raised his hands and said “Ok mam don’t show me but just tell me what you have in the bag.”

“Don’t show me.” He said that twice!

I showed him anyway. I took out the pack of Whisper pads and showed him that this is my personal bag and I carry my personal items in this, I may need it once I am inside. Without wasting anymore time he said “Ok please let her in.”

As I walked towards the lift I kept yelling at them, “How can you think that ladies will only use those fancy purse, why can’t they use these, so many ladies are using these bags, haven’t you seen? These days ladies carry all kinds of bags.”

“Mam it doesn’t not happen that often, that’s why” Said the manager as the lift door closed.

Those 4 people would remember those 10 minutes for a really long time, if not for the rest of their lives.

So moral of the story: Ladies be prepared to be penalized for not carrying a bag which is more lady like. Feel free to try this at a cinema hall near you

Ps. The pseudo misleading title was just a click bait. Sorry! :-)


8 thoughts on “PVR Saket security guards won’t let me in with my bag: What I did next will shock you

  1. Too funny! I’m just picturing recoiling in horror at the sight of pads! Crazy how there are such unshakeable gender stereotyped notions of what is appropriate for ‘ladies’.

    Flip it around – why can’t a buy bring his bag into a movie theatre? Be it a laptop type bag or ‘man satchel’ for that matter?

    Yeah yeah… i know security blah blah. But we know the bag checking measures we all go through to enter a mall, movie theatre and more are largely ineffective. Come on, we know folks sneak in their lighters as can’t be bothered to drop off and go back and collect at the end! ;-)


  2. @Carissa

    It was funny, although I was pretending to be angry, well I was angry, but somewhere I was also laughing in my head. The expression of those poor souls, until then cocooned in their safe world where women don’t get periods, nobody gets any sex and babies fall from the tree, suddenly exposed to those wretched shameful things called sanitary pads. OMG.


  3. OMG how could you show your sanitary napkins to the world? Don’t you know that we are supposed to menstruate in secret, be a woman in secret and even exist in secret!
    These people are ridiculous and kudos for what you did! It’s high time our sanitary napkins and bra straps came out of the closet!


  4. well did you come to play dress up or watch a movie ??? …. and please advise the little girls, that laptop bag is the new trend. I heard the sales of laptop bags have hit high ….. hahhahahaha just you people have too come up with this to get google ad sense hits.


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